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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2052 Bug Resolved Immediate Metacat does not handle attribute XPATH queries correctly Chris Jones 04/07/2005 05:35 PM
2000 Bug Resolved Normal Percentage search does't work in KNB metacat Jing Tao 04/08/2005 08:38 AM
1986 Bug Resolved Immediate system_id of xml_catalog table points to for a new metacat installation Jing Tao 03/03/2005 01:40 PM
1979 Bug Resolved Immediate The packagetype in xml_relation table is eml200 namespace for eml 201 document Jing Tao 03/03/2005 03:05 PM
1948 Bug Resolved Normal Changes in Data Registry (NRS, LTSS, OBFS) Format for ESA Veronique Connolly 04/01/2005 01:41 PM
1850 Bug Resolved Immediate Unsuccessful deleting documents when revision number not specified Saurabh Garg 01/13/2005 05:27 PM
1818 Bug Resolved Normal clarifications for DR entry form page Saurabh Garg 04/07/2005 10:41 AM
1768 Bug Resolved Immediate Javascript error in "include_searchbox.jsp" for default skin Saurabh Garg 01/13/2005 04:59 PM
1755 Bug Resolved Normal Install of data-registry requires cvs checkout Saurabh Garg 06/17/2005 10:50 AM
1718 Bug Resolved Immediate spatial search does not work Saurabh Garg 01/13/2005 07:01 PM
1711 Bug Resolved Immediate apostrophe in text element causes xslt error Saurabh Garg 01/07/2005 03:02 PM
1703 Bug Resolved Immediate spatial search does not work Saurabh Garg 12/17/2004 12:14 PM
1551 Bug Resolved Normal Error in Result Page tmpl. Saurabh Garg 12/16/2004 02:35 PM
1538 Bug Resolved Immediate Entity/Character Refeference Conversion Problems Saurabh Garg 01/13/2005 05:31 PM
1372 Bug Resolved Normal Registry: Reconfigure entryForm.tmpl Andrea Andrea 01/07/2005 02:47 PM
1344 Bug Resolved Normal Cancel button on delete screen leads to a blank screen Saurabh Garg 01/07/2005 03:57 PM
1323 Bug Resolved Immediate Registry: Need to check that all entry fields do not include any <, > and other characters Saurabh Garg 01/07/2005 03:04 PM
1322 Bug Resolved Normal Registry: Typographical/Grammatical Errors Andrea Andrea 01/10/2005 12:09 PM
1310 Bug Resolved Normal Old ACLs are overwritten by registry Saurabh Garg 12/16/2004 02:07 PM
1307 Bug Resolved Normal Remove two nones from the keyword drop down list Saurabh Garg 01/07/2005 03:04 PM
968 Bug Resolved Normal Access control for eml2 documents Saurabh Garg 09/10/2004 02:57 PM
305 Bug Resolved Normal create an ofa compliant oracle instance Jing Tao 08/11/2005 03:22 PM

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