From 04/20/2012 to 05/19/2012


02:09 PM Bug #5610 (Resolved): check that build system can handle a "0.9.0" release
We discussed releasing sensor-view as sensor-view-0.9.0 initially to signify beta status. Check if this is currently ... Derik Barseghian


06:08 PM Bug #5609 (Resolved): use different port for HSQL db in .kepler
The HSQL server for the cache database in .kepler uses port 9001, which is the default port number for HSQL. If anoth... Daniel Crawl


11:47 AM Bug #5607: constant actor icon won't automatically re-size since 2.3.
This bug might be related to bug 5587. jianwu jianwu
11:44 AM Bug #5607 (Resolved): constant actor icon won't automatically re-size since 2.3.
For actor 'Constant' and 'String Constant', Kepler GUI used to automatically replace long text with its first a few c... jianwu jianwu


03:08 PM Bug #5580: create sensor-view module documentation
Added new bug for moving plotting classes: bug#5606 Derik Barseghian
01:23 PM Bug #5580: create sensor-view module documentation
These modules have no [moduleName]/docs/ documentation for access within Kepler:
Derik Barseghian
03:07 PM Bug #5606 (Resolved): move plotting classes to sensor-view
THere are plotting classes in runtimemonitor and sensor-view, it seems to me they should all be in one place, sensor-... Derik Barseghian


05:44 PM Bug #5362: Create a GUI so user can easily archive a senosr's data from a dataturbine to a metacat
Jing notes there are some problems with the original design that need to be fixed. This will likely not ship in first... Derik Barseghian
05:42 PM Bug #5252: Plotting bugs
Many people hit #8 at the sensor training workshop, and I had to tell them to delete the plot they'd just set up to g... Derik Barseghian
05:14 PM Bug #5341: Belkin f5u409 usb=>serial dongle periodically stops working
Just another datapoint: I've been using my Keyspan without problem on my mac 10.6 running SPAN. I believe I let it ru... Derik Barseghian
05:10 PM Bug #5170: uploading a workflow requires a refresh
Retargeting after discussion w/ Matt and Jing. If we do this, we might take also consider refreshing the tree in othe... Derik Barseghian
05:07 PM Bug #5583: Sensor Simulator controllable through Kepler
Matt thinks this better as a dialog. I was taking the actor approach for want of time, and so it's very apparent when... Derik Barseghian
03:30 PM Bug #5605 (Resolved): Kepler scheduler doen't work for local workflows in windows os
Before the sensor-view workshop, derik found that the Kepler scheduler doen't work for local workflows in windows. It... Jing Tao
10:55 AM Bug #5595: GetMetadata Menu doesn't work in eml actor when it handles local eml document and data file
The getFullRecord method in ResultRecord didn't handle the local file. I added code to handle local file and it works. Jing Tao


07:37 AM Bug #5603 (Resolved): ant run -Dworkflow=${HOME}/Downloads/SimpleLoop.kar fails
ant -p says:
run Compile, then run Kepler along with the modules in modules.txt. Use -Dwo...
Christopher Brooks


04:52 PM Bug #5602 (Resolved): Timezone confusion using the scheduler
It appears at least some parts of the Workflow Scheduling system don't account for different timezones. When you sche... Derik Barseghian
04:15 PM Bug #5601 (Closed): Can still lose report design when saving to KAR
It's still possible to lose your report design when you save to a KAR -- there's at least one scenario where you can ... Derik Barseghian
04:11 PM Bug #5600 (New): Import Site Layout performance is poor for many connections at once
During a recent workshop I had ~25 people at once try to Import Sensor Site from one SPAN host running on my macbook.... Derik Barseghian
11:23 AM Bug #5598 (Resolved): parameters appear as white boxes instead of dots
Using the workflow run manager, one can download a remote workflow run kar, and then right click on the row and selec... Derik Barseghian


02:27 PM Bug #5595: GetMetadata Menu doesn't work in eml actor when it handles local eml document and data file
I dug around and found the menu is controlled by this:
<name>ACTOR->Get Metadata</name>
Jing Tao


08:04 AM Bug #5596 (New): Kepler UI freezes after Login Anonymously
When a user has a remote repository configured for actor searching, they are prompted to login to search for a compon... Matt Jones


08:49 PM Bug #5540: Automate Layout no longer uses Kieler on trunk
Discussed with Jing and he fixed it at r29804. So much better. Derik Barseghian


10:28 AM Bug #5595 (Resolved): GetMetadata Menu doesn't work in eml actor when it handles local eml document and data file
Here is a segment of an eml from a kepler user:
Jing Tao


04:29 PM Bug #5594 (New): use input and output port icons in Items of Interest
Currently actor ports have a "generic file"-ish icon in the Items of Interest panel. From a user's point of view this... Derik Barseghian
03:05 PM Bug #5593 (New): use setDefaultWidth in actors
Building workflows in Kepler these days I spend a lot of time changing relation widths from Auto to 1, because w/ Aut... Derik Barseghian
01:07 PM Bug #5592 (Resolved): Site Layout DE Director missing documentation
When you import a Site Layout, a workflow with DE Director is automatically created. The instantiated DE Director has... Derik Barseghian
10:45 AM Bug #5591 (New): Workflow Run Manager error downloading run for which module dependencies not satisfied
The WRM lets you download run-kars with module dependencies that your current suite doesn't satisfy, and an error is ... Derik Barseghian


10:16 PM Bug #4763: create gui to access datalogger program
The g++ I'm using on Lion gives some good warning messages that I don't think I've seen before, including about the m... Derik Barseghian


07:20 PM Bug #5590: RExpression forces pdf if 'automatically show graphics' is checked
Actor also uses bitmap instead of png depending on if headless. I think I'd prefer if the actor just did as told, or ... Derik Barseghian
06:34 PM Bug #5590 (New): RExpression forces pdf if 'automatically show graphics' is checked
Look into this forced format change side-effect which is confusing to a user. If you select e.g. png, and 'auto show.... Derik Barseghian


04:05 PM Bug #5589 (Resolved): Add missing ptolemy actors to library
We should look through ptolemy's source and add Kepler library representations for any actors we don't already displa... Derik Barseghian

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