From 03/31/2013 to 04/29/2013


02:40 PM Task #5927 (Resolved): Implements listing the query engines and fields for the solr query engine
We need to add the solr query engine the mn api:
GET /query/{queryType}
GET /query
Jing Tao
01:13 PM Task #5926 (Resolved): Metacat-index doesn't build solr index during a Metadata inserting document
I inserted an eml document through the metacat devtools.html, but the metacat-index didn't build the solr index. Jing Tao
12:50 PM Bug #5919 (Resolved): Upgrade KNB to 2.0.6
ben leinfelder
11:13 AM Bug #5925 (Resolved): Clean up the jar files in the Metacat deploy directory
In the knb/WEB-INF/lib, i saw some jar files like:
spring-aop-2.5.5.jar spring-context-2.5.5.jar spring-core-2.5....
Jing Tao
11:09 AM Task #5924 (Closed): Add the configuration page for the Solr server in the Metacat configuration utility
We need to a new page for the Solr server in the Metacat configuration utility.
This page will include the server ...
Jing Tao
11:05 AM Task #5923 (Closed): Discover missed documents and queue them for indexing
Metacat-index needs a mechanism to regenerate the solr index for those missed during the insert or update. This mecha... Jing Tao
11:01 AM Task #5922 (Closed): Modify the solr index configuration for the resource map
The index configuration of the resource map in the d1_cn_index_processor has parameter - service url which we don't u... Jing Tao
10:58 AM Task #5921 (Closed): Design and implement Metacat-Index module
We decided we would use as much the code of the d1_cn_index_processor as possible. The d1_cn_index_processor uses S... Jing Tao


04:29 PM Bug #5920 (Resolved): Test PG dump on dev server
I restored the production dump to (1-2 hours to load).
Installed Metacat v2.0.3.
ben leinfelder
12:41 PM Bug #5920 (Resolved): Test PG dump on dev server is our testing area and I will load the production dump there for testing the 2.0.3->2.0.6 upgrade ben leinfelder
12:40 PM Bug #5919 (Resolved): Upgrade KNB to 2.0.6
Steps for upgrading:
- stop Tomcat...
ben leinfelder


05:18 PM Task #5918 (Closed): Separate unit tests from integration tests
Since some of the metacat-index tests currently require Metacat be running in order to succeed, we need to skip them ... ben leinfelder
05:14 PM Task #5909 (Resolved): Design configuration for metacat-index
Now sharing using the Settings class from DataONE libclient.
Also sharing the hazelcast.xml fi...
ben leinfelder
05:10 PM Task #5917 (Closed): Create NCEAS search form that uses SOLR instead of pathquery
The UI can stay the same, but the underlying query that is generated (via JS?) would be SOLR syntax and would be sent... ben leinfelder
05:08 PM Task #5916 (Closed): Create resultset-solr.xsl
For rendering SOLR query results from MN.query() on the client side. ben leinfelder
05:07 PM Task #5915 (Closed): Use MN.query(solr) in NCEAS skin
As a first pass, we should refactor the NCEAS skin as it currently exists in the Metacat project and make it call MN.... ben leinfelder


02:13 PM Task #5908 (Rejected): Investigate EAR deployment of all Metacat webapps
Tomcat is not a full-fledged application server - just a container - so it does not support EARs. I think we should c... ben leinfelder
01:05 PM Task #5907 (Closed): Integrate metacat-index build in Metacat build
Now building into dist folder. ben leinfelder


10:04 AM Feature #5914 (Closed): Reconcile SOLR server/client versions
DataONE schema uses SOLR v3.x and Metacat-indexer wants to use SOLR v4.x (for the client capabilities). There are sch... ben leinfelder
09:58 AM Feature #5913 (Closed): Handle indexing errors
For unexpected errors, we need to track and retry the indexing task before giving up and notifying the administrator.... ben leinfelder
09:55 AM Feature #5912 (Closed): Force indexing on individual object[s]
Metacat-index should allow an administrator to force [re]indexing of any object in the system. ben leinfelder
09:33 AM Feature #5911 (Closed): Repair index after outage
Because the indexer listens for insert/update/remove happening in Metacat, it will miss events that occur when it is ... ben leinfelder
09:24 AM Feature #5910 (Closed): Build index from scratch
The index will need to be completely built when:
- Initial upgrade to version that supports solr indexing
- Unexpec...
ben leinfelder
05:27 PM Task #5909 (Resolved): Design configuration for metacat-index
The location of the solr index needs to be configured and the default should be: /var/metacat/solr
All three compon...
ben leinfelder
05:21 PM Task #5908 (Rejected): Investigate EAR deployment of all Metacat webapps
ben leinfelder
05:20 PM Task #5907 (Closed): Integrate metacat-index build in Metacat build
metacat-index is a Maven project hosted within the Metacat project repository and should build a metacat-index.war ar... ben leinfelder
05:16 PM Task #5906 (Resolved): Implement MetacatSolrIndex class
This is basically just a pass-through to the SOLR engine using the "embedded" client. The sooner this is implemented,... ben leinfelder
05:13 PM Task #5905 (Resolved): Implement access control filter
ben leinfelder
05:12 PM Task #5904 (Resolved): Design mechanism to enforce access policy
ben leinfelder
05:10 PM Task #5820: Incorporate DataONE indexing
We decided to use - wholesale - the existing DataONE index configuration component even though it uses Spring. It wil... ben leinfelder
05:08 PM Task #5883: Create unit tests to exercise Metacat SOLR query/index features
Jing already has a head-start with the SolrIndexTest! ben leinfelder
05:05 PM Bug #5875 (Rejected): d1_cn_index_processor package
Using maven to manage this dependency now. ben leinfelder


11:33 AM Bug #1217 (Closed): Extend Metacat Interface and Client
Much if not all of this has been in the MetacatClient for a long time now. Since we are deprecating the Metacat API i... ben leinfelder
11:30 AM Bug #1324: A Commit or Save Work button that wrote intermediate results to the metadata
Can consider this for the Metacat-UI project specs ben leinfelder
11:28 AM Bug #1691 (Closed): Metacat client library: use direct method calles for efficiency
We are deprecating the Metacat API in favor of the DataONE API. ben leinfelder
11:26 AM Bug #1693 (Closed): Metacat client library: Static Cookies
We changed to use standard apache HttpClient and made the cookie sessionId value a per-MetacatClient instance variable. ben leinfelder
11:23 AM Bug #1980 (Works For Me): Duplication when displaying catalog of data packages
Searching for "Latitudinal Extents of New World Mammals" shows the single document with no duplicate indexed values. ben leinfelder
11:20 AM Bug #2130: Not able to delete DPs from KNB
Both of these documents still exist - not sure if they should be deleted or not. They are -// ben leinfelder
11:17 AM Bug #2237 (Resolved): web.xml, tomcat and jstl
ben leinfelder
11:17 AM Bug #2237 (Rejected): web.xml, tomcat and jstl
Now using v2.5 schema:... ben leinfelder
10:33 AM Bug #2310 (Resolved): Advanced search functionality has to be integrated into various skins.
Will be handled by Metacat-UI project ben leinfelder
09:18 AM Bug #3177 (Closed): Advanced Search needs some attention
We basically know that searching on non-indexed paths takes a very long time. This will ultimately be replaced by the... ben leinfelder
09:04 AM Bug #2313: Metacat Skins: Skins should not be installed by default
Should be considered as part of the Metacat-UI project. ben leinfelder
06:17 PM Bug #2496 (Closed): Wrong values indexed when empty tags are indexed
probably resolved by the related bug (6 years ago) ben leinfelder
05:28 PM Bug #2804 (Closed): Nested Elements Cause the Returned Data to Be Truncated.
These are interesting results for mixed content. Really if you want to use XML but not have it treated as such you sh... ben leinfelder
05:21 PM Bug #2813 (Closed): One Data Set Citation project id does not match with correct project id
This is further compounded (intractable) for the DOIs we minted when becoming a DataONE MN. ben leinfelder
05:19 PM Bug #2818 (Closed): access_log bypassed by replication
When documents are inserted or read via replication, this should be logged as the other metacat server so I think thi... ben leinfelder
05:14 PM Bug #2873 (Resolved): tomcat versions and java standard tag library (jstl)
jstl 1.1.2 is being used and Geoserve has been externalized. I think this is resolved. ben leinfelder
05:11 PM Bug #2905 (Resolved): Query cache mechanism
ben leinfelder
05:10 PM Bug #3000 (Closed): Multiple Permissions Orders exist for Single Document
Mike added checks to prevent different permOrders from being inserted for the same object. ben leinfelder
05:09 PM Bug #2984 (Closed): "AccessControlList.getACL" returns outdated XML structure
This has been reworked so that access rules can be parsed just like they were embedded in EML. ben leinfelder
05:05 PM Bug #4234 (Closed): Configuration of Registry in 1.9.1 has incorrect library paths
Since the registry is largely a KNB/NCEAS app, I'll close this. Chris Jones
05:04 PM Bug #3017: The Ampersand returns a blank page on searches
I do get a blank page on the KNB (v2.0.3) and can see this message in the log:... ben leinfelder


04:55 PM Bug #3018 (Resolved): Document installation and deployment of registry system
The instructions for deploying and getting dependencies are very good, as are the apache config instructions. ben leinfelder
04:53 PM Bug #3085: document the impact of re-deploying on
Crucial properties are backed up and restored when upgrading metacat, though I believe this does not include password... ben leinfelder
04:38 PM Bug #3402: internal dtds are not handled
We are saving the XML doc (both inserted and uploaded) to disk now - not sure if this problem persists. ben leinfelder
04:07 PM Bug #3509: Fix XML Schema filesystem namespace conflicts and backups
This can certainly cause issues when remote XSDs happen to have the same filenames (as many versioned schema do) ben leinfelder
04:04 PM Bug #3591 (Rejected): Move search returndoctype definitions to a centralized location
One of the point of using skins is that some skins might use doctypes that others do not. We can't really centralize ... ben leinfelder
04:01 PM Bug #3718 (Rejected): toolRef.model.getSRS error in console when rendering map
We are not using mapbuilder any more. ben leinfelder
03:43 PM Bug #3736 (Closed): Remove confirmation message and reference to KNB on default search
changed to "Show all data?" ben leinfelder
01:31 PM Bug #3816: Export action doesn't create complete package
Well, instead of a zip file, I get the XML error message but as if it were a .zip file download:... ben leinfelder
01:26 PM Bug #3833 (Rejected): Advanced search (liveMap) map doesn't display on linux firefox
Current Metacat releases use OpenLayers for rendering maps in browser. ben leinfelder
01:25 PM Bug #3887 (Resolved): Add sessionid parameter to XML link in EML stylesheet
sessionId is being included in the XML link ben leinfelder
01:23 PM Bug #3895 (Closed): Add/update authentication architecture documentation
Might as well just defer this to the DataONE authentication process since we do not want people to start implementing... ben leinfelder
01:20 PM Bug #3911 (Closed): Old cgi-bin references are still being rendered by 1.8.1 registry code
ben leinfelder
01:16 PM Bug #3982 (Closed): Geoserver processes obsolete requests in background
This is all in Geoserver's court since it stands alone from Metacat now. If it can figure out which requests no longe... ben leinfelder
01:14 PM Bug #4027 (Closed): JSESSIONID is not expiring, causing a security risk
isn't this just 6 hours?... ben leinfelder
01:01 PM Bug #4043 (Closed): lack of eml-access tree prohibits the doc owner from viewing
uid=sbc,o=LTER,dc=ecoinformatics,dc=org is the owner and should have ALL permission on this object. As the metacat ad... ben leinfelder
12:56 PM Bug #4116 (Closed): Data file replication from sanparks failed
judithk.954.1 is now on the KNB ben leinfelder
12:55 PM Bug #4234: Configuration of Registry in 1.9.1 has incorrect library paths
We run registry in KNB/NCEAS without issue...can we close this? ben leinfelder
12:49 PM Bug #4266 (Closed): error reading EML replicated to knb
Rev 6 is on the KNB now and we are up to rev 24. ben leinfelder
12:47 PM Bug #4269 (Closed): EML from data.piscoweb not replicating to knb
They have been replicated (sometime in the last 3 years...). ben leinfelder
12:44 PM Bug #4173 (Rejected): use svn:externals for dependency injection
Moving in the Maven and/org Git direction ben leinfelder


02:05 PM Bug #5243: ldapweb.cgi crashes with invalid password characters
Resetting passwords fails silently, leaving users without a way to login.
Until it's fixed there should be a warni...
Nick Brand
01:38 PM Bug #5243: ldapweb.cgi crashes with invalid password characters
Jim -- do you remember which characters? ben leinfelder
02:01 PM Bug #4437: allow-public-read rule is not being honored
Is this a random instance, or an example of a prevalent problem with EML 2.0.1 packages that you have added? ben leinfelder
01:49 PM Bug #4442: Spatial indexing should not run and block metacat
-if it runs in the background it is entirely possible to get incomplete results if you query as the index...
ben leinfelder
01:41 PM Bug #5395: Get unexpected result if a search was done before metacat finishes its indexing during the inserting process.
There's nothing we can do about the indexing delay unless we perform indexing while blocking the insert/upload proces... ben leinfelder
01:36 PM Bug #4602: Enable TLS for all LDAP functions
This should be considered with our InCommon application. ben leinfelder


04:05 PM Bug #4612 (Rejected): EML file content out of sync with metacat
ben leinfelder
03:07 PM Bug #4886: "DatabaseService is already registered" error after configuring Metacat
We still get this from time to time. Sometimes it even takes a few restarts of tomcat to get it running again. ben leinfelder
03:02 PM Bug #4862 (Closed): NCEAS registry form now creates access rules for extra parties
This is a configuration issue. I'll remove the ESA entry, but keep the knb-prod entry because we use this same Metaca... ben leinfelder

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