From 08/24/2000 to 09/22/2000


03:10 PM Bug #79: change default window sizes in mde
reassigned to jones Matt Jones
03:10 PM Bug #71: File->New->Cancel still creates a new document
reassigned to jones Matt Jones
03:08 PM Bug #88: need ability to manipulate access control lists
changed target milestone to Beta2 as we discussed Matt Jones
03:07 PM Bug #136 (Resolved): need XSL transform for pathquery
As per our discussion last week, we need a new XSLT stylesheet that can
attractively display a query that is marked ...
Matt Jones
11:10 AM Bug #2: attribute editing for EMPTY elements doesn't work
Reassigned to jones as part of the mde cleanup. Matt Jones


11:40 AM Bug #127 (Resolved): change resultset display to be dataset oriented
Need to make both the local and metacat resultset displays be "dataset
oriented", in that they should display a lis...
Matt Jones
11:35 AM Bug #126 (Resolved): boolean combinations of search panels
Need ability to specify various search constraints in the various search panels,
and run a single query that implic...
Matt Jones
11:31 AM Bug #125 (Resolved): change icons in mde
icons in mde should eventually be color code to show different "types" of
document validity.
DTD invalid -> r...
Matt Jones
11:29 AM Bug #124 (In Progress): batch display and printing of resultsets
This RFE is for a mechanism for batch display of the documents in a resultset,
so that the user can see a single, "...
Matt Jones
11:28 AM Bug #123 (Resolved): saved resultsets, cached documents
This is a general feature enhancement request that would allow for a user to run
a query against the catalog, and t...
Matt Jones
11:21 AM Bug #122 (Resolved): need tooltips and help system
Need to generate tooltips for all of the search tabs explaining what they do,
and need a context-sensitive help sys...
Matt Jones
11:20 AM Bug #121 (Resolved): nested boolean queries
This is a request for a feature enhancement so that users can construct
arbitrary nested boolean queries in both th...
Matt Jones
11:17 AM Bug #120 (Resolved): customizable resultset display
Need a new feature that allows the user to configure which metadata fields
(doctype and pathexpr specification) are...
Matt Jones
11:15 AM Bug #119 (Resolved): need logout and re-login capability
need feature that allows a user to logout of dmanclient and to login again as a
different user.
Matt Jones
11:13 AM Bug #118 (Resolved): splash screen updates
Need to update splash screen with new logo, new name, and a "crisper"
appearance. Possibly make the splasj screen ...
Matt Jones
11:06 AM Bug #116 (Resolved): metadata extraction for text files
Need data set parser module integrated as a new componenet of dmanclient. This
parser would take an ASCII data fil...
Matt Jones
11:03 AM Bug #115 (Resolved): need short-term dataset parser implementation
Need a data set parser to extract relevant file- and variable- information for
MARINE datasets. The parser should ...
Matt Jones
10:49 AM Bug #112 (Resolved): remove *** from mde recursive tree build
MDE currently fills in a "***" value for all text nodes during a recursive
build. THis should be eliminated.
Matt Jones


02:18 PM Bug #80: disable content edit frame in mde
ContentEditFrame has been set to be invisible Dan Higgins
02:15 PM Bug #91: need to synchronize accession# assignment & meta_file_id field
Code has been changed for the client to add accession numbers to documents that
have been successfully inserted to t...
Dan Higgins


06:22 PM Bug #75: need "search network" checkbox
New feature works well, but need to move checkboxes out of the individual bean
panels and instead put them on the mai...
Matt Jones
06:09 PM Bug #81: need ability to "round-trip" metadata (mde -> server -> querybean -> mde)
Reopened because the document does not cache the docid that is returned from the
server in the mde document when it i...
Matt Jones


03:31 PM Bug #89: login box should close automatically on success
Login box automatically closes on successful login Dan Higgins
03:29 PM Bug #81: need ability to "round-trip" metadata (mde -> server -> querybean -> mde)
pop-up menu now attached to result set tables with edit function (also view
function)Edit function tries to open the...
Dan Higgins
03:24 PM Bug #86: author only search fails to return proper resultset
logic error fixed to handle cases where only author field has an entry Dan Higgins


08:21 AM Bug #70: mde fails to open documents if tmp directory is missing
'tmp' directory now created if not present Dan Higgins


04:45 PM Bug #67: Need "not implemented yet" indication
Under Construction label added to blank screens Dan Higgins
04:44 PM Bug #75: need "search network" checkbox
Search network checkboxes added. State read from properties file. Still need to
save to properties file.
Dan Higgins
04:42 PM Bug #74: Need to relabel dmanclient UI tabs
tabs updated Dan Higgins


12:21 PM Bug #88: need ability to manipulate access control lists
increased priority on this because it is essential that it be available for
testing the server ACL features (see bug ...
Matt Jones
12:19 PM Bug #81: need ability to "round-trip" metadata (mde -> server -> querybean -> mde)
Increased the priority and severity on this bug, as it is an extremely important
feature of the client.
Matt Jones
12:17 PM Bug #91: need to synchronize accession# assignment & meta_file_id field
Increased the target milestone for this bug, as it is an extremely ijmportant
feature of the client's operation. It ...
Matt Jones
12:12 PM Bug #84: create javadoc documentation
Increased the priority and milestone for this. I consider it a high priority
for developers to keep all of their cod...
Matt Jones

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