From 08/27/2000 to 09/25/2000


03:41 PM Bug #75: need "search network" checkbox
Search local and search catalog check boxes now both appear in the toolbar Dan Higgins


03:10 PM Bug #79: change default window sizes in mde
reassigned to jones Matt Jones
03:10 PM Bug #71: File->New->Cancel still creates a new document
reassigned to jones Matt Jones
03:08 PM Bug #88: need ability to manipulate access control lists
changed target milestone to Beta2 as we discussed Matt Jones
03:07 PM Bug #136 (Resolved): need XSL transform for pathquery
As per our discussion last week, we need a new XSLT stylesheet that can
attractively display a query that is marked ...
Matt Jones
11:10 AM Bug #2: attribute editing for EMPTY elements doesn't work
Reassigned to jones as part of the mde cleanup. Matt Jones


11:40 AM Bug #127 (Resolved): change resultset display to be dataset oriented
Need to make both the local and metacat resultset displays be "dataset
oriented", in that they should display a lis...
Matt Jones
11:35 AM Bug #126 (Resolved): boolean combinations of search panels
Need ability to specify various search constraints in the various search panels,
and run a single query that implic...
Matt Jones
11:31 AM Bug #125 (Resolved): change icons in mde
icons in mde should eventually be color code to show different "types" of
document validity.
DTD invalid -> r...
Matt Jones
11:29 AM Bug #124 (In Progress): batch display and printing of resultsets
This RFE is for a mechanism for batch display of the documents in a resultset,
so that the user can see a single, "...
Matt Jones
11:28 AM Bug #123 (Resolved): saved resultsets, cached documents
This is a general feature enhancement request that would allow for a user to run
a query against the catalog, and t...
Matt Jones
11:21 AM Bug #122 (Resolved): need tooltips and help system
Need to generate tooltips for all of the search tabs explaining what they do,
and need a context-sensitive help sys...
Matt Jones
11:20 AM Bug #121 (Resolved): nested boolean queries
This is a request for a feature enhancement so that users can construct
arbitrary nested boolean queries in both th...
Matt Jones
11:17 AM Bug #120 (Resolved): customizable resultset display
Need a new feature that allows the user to configure which metadata fields
(doctype and pathexpr specification) are...
Matt Jones
11:15 AM Bug #119 (Resolved): need logout and re-login capability
need feature that allows a user to logout of dmanclient and to login again as a
different user.
Matt Jones
11:13 AM Bug #118 (Resolved): splash screen updates
Need to update splash screen with new logo, new name, and a "crisper"
appearance. Possibly make the splasj screen ...
Matt Jones
11:06 AM Bug #116 (Resolved): metadata extraction for text files
Need data set parser module integrated as a new componenet of dmanclient. This
parser would take an ASCII data fil...
Matt Jones
11:03 AM Bug #115 (Resolved): need short-term dataset parser implementation
Need a data set parser to extract relevant file- and variable- information for
MARINE datasets. The parser should ...
Matt Jones
10:49 AM Bug #112 (Resolved): remove *** from mde recursive tree build
MDE currently fills in a "***" value for all text nodes during a recursive
build. THis should be eliminated.
Matt Jones


02:18 PM Bug #80: disable content edit frame in mde
ContentEditFrame has been set to be invisible Dan Higgins
02:15 PM Bug #91: need to synchronize accession# assignment & meta_file_id field
Code has been changed for the client to add accession numbers to documents that
have been successfully inserted to t...
Dan Higgins


06:22 PM Bug #75: need "search network" checkbox
New feature works well, but need to move checkboxes out of the individual bean
panels and instead put them on the mai...
Matt Jones
06:09 PM Bug #81: need ability to "round-trip" metadata (mde -> server -> querybean -> mde)
Reopened because the document does not cache the docid that is returned from the
server in the mde document when it i...
Matt Jones
03:29 PM Bug #81: need ability to "round-trip" metadata (mde -> server -> querybean -> mde)
pop-up menu now attached to result set tables with edit function (also view
function)Edit function tries to open the...
Dan Higgins
03:31 PM Bug #89: login box should close automatically on success
Login box automatically closes on successful login Dan Higgins
03:24 PM Bug #86: author only search fails to return proper resultset
logic error fixed to handle cases where only author field has an entry Dan Higgins


08:21 AM Bug #70: mde fails to open documents if tmp directory is missing
'tmp' directory now created if not present Dan Higgins

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