From 01/23/2005 to 02/21/2005


05:24 PM Bug #1981 (New): Extend database query actor to handle datatypes
Currently return a string representation of the output. Should be extended to
specify the type of the 'string' outp...
Efrat Jaeger


01:19 PM Bug #1886: nightly build system revisited
I have implemented a shell script based nightly build system that checks out
both ptII and kepler, compiles both of t...
Chad Berkley


01:18 PM Bug #1912: cleanup ImageJ actor to avoid multiple copies of menus
The code for interacting with ImageJ has been cleaned up and bugs fixes. It
seesm to be more stable now and multiple ...
Dan Higgins
01:09 PM Bug #1905: jar file cleanup
All known duplicate and obsolete jars have been removed Dan Higgins


09:25 AM Bug #1590: coding guidelines
not going to address this now. Chad Berkley


01:14 PM Bug #1910: Ports on datasource actors do no appear until actor is moved
*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 1907 ***
Rod Spears
01:14 PM Bug #1907: New ports don't draw when added dynamically
*** Bug 1910 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Rod Spears


10:13 AM Bug #1906: Add reset/cancel button(s) for search in actor panel
I just added the "Reset" and put all theSearch components in a groupbox. If of
coarse needs all be redesigned...
Rod Spears


06:03 PM Bug #1901: Documentation system
Nice job. I annotated the wiki page with additional comments -- when other
comments are in, could you integrate them...
Matt Jones
04:57 PM Bug #1901: Documentation system
Please see Ilkay Altintas


11:13 AM Bug #1924 (Resolved): Refactor actor and data display and search code
Refactor the current actor and data display to have published interface for
interacting with it (i.e., don't pass in...
Shawn Bowers
11:11 AM Bug #1923 (New): Develop ontologies; engage KR group
Develop some guidelines for what makes an ontology useful for specific SMS
applications so that the KR group can dev...
Shawn Bowers
11:07 AM Bug #1922 (New): Develop strategies for GUI extenstions for the semantics stuff
Determine whether the "access points" at higher levels of the GUI can be
modified to suit our needs, rather than cha...
Shawn Bowers
11:06 AM Bug #1921 (New): Define the Kepler GUI components required for semantic mediation in Kepler
For example, a new button for "semantic type check", a easy mechanism to add
semantic annotations to actors/ports an...
Shawn Bowers
11:02 AM Bug #1920 (New): Search based on semantic annotations of a dataset's attributes
Shawn Bowers
11:00 AM Bug #1919 (New): choose language for semantic annotations in kepler archives
Shawn Bowers
10:59 AM Bug #1918 (New): Search based on the semantic annotation of an actor's port
Shawn Bowers
10:57 AM Bug #1917 (New): Design and implement workflow semantic type check.
Design and implement a feature similar to the Kepler type-system check (which
occurs after a workflow is executed), ...
Shawn Bowers
10:54 AM Bug #1916 (New): Implement semantic search for data and actors in local files
The goal of this work is to decouple the semantic search as much as possible
from Kepler so we can shift the impleme...
Shawn Bowers
10:49 AM Bug #1915 (New): Define a published interface for a semantic search service
The purpose of this work is to define a generic api for "smart" search, which
implementation(s) will conform to. Eac...
Shawn Bowers


02:57 PM Bug #1334: need installer for kepler
size of various components in installer reported in e-mail
At the recent Kepler developer meeting in Junea...
Dan Higgins
02:55 PM Bug #1902: review all useablity reports for specific bugs not already entered
Completed for now. Dan Higgins
10:45 AM Bug #1914 (In Progress): Implement the 'most recently used' concept for workflows and actors
Dan Higgins
10:41 AM Bug #1913 (Resolved): Problem running workflow after it is saved
this was observed during the BEAM workshop. Dan Higgins
10:27 AM Bug #1912 (Resolved): cleanup ImageJ actor to avoid multiple copies of menus
The ImageJ actor needs to be better integrated into Kepler. Currently, the
control/menu screen is just opened from I...
Dan Higgins
10:05 AM Bug #1911 (In Progress): Provide real-time feedback/animation for workflow progress as a default
Currently, one can set the workflow to show progress for SDF and some other
types of directors. Request is to make t...
Dan Higgins
09:50 AM Bug #1910: Ports on datasource actors do no appear until actor is moved
Isn't this a duplicate? Rod Spears
09:39 AM Bug #1910 (Resolved): Ports on datasource actors do no appear until actor is moved
The ports on new datasource actors do not appear when actor is first dropped
onto the canvas. They do then appear af...
Dan Higgins
09:46 AM Bug #1906: Add reset/cancel button(s) for search in actor panel
Need to be able to reset (to null?) the search criteria. Also, we have a request
to have 'Cancel' button to terminate...
Dan Higgins

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