From 06/08/2008 to 07/07/2008


03:39 PM Revision 4091 (metacat): Change default-style property to application.default-style
03:37 PM Revision 4090 (metacat): include eml201_document_corrected=false property that was lost in merge
03:36 PM Revision 4089 (metacat): Align submit buttons
03:01 PM Revision 4088 (metacat): change request attribute name from metaCatVersion to metacatVersion
02:16 PM Revision 4087 (metacat): Add addProperty and addPropertyNoPersist for new properties
01:58 PM Revision 4086 (metacat): use build.tomcat.dir to get to tomcat jar
01:50 PM Revision 4085 (metacat): Backup properties should use addProperty, not setProperty
01:49 PM Revision 4084 (metacat): Add GeneralPropertyException to property setters
01:44 PM Revision 4083 (metacat): Remove default from ldap administrator
01:43 PM Revision 4082 (metacat): Reformat Checkbox
09:32 AM Revision 4081 (metacat): Add missing closing tag to comment out database update targets
09:25 PM Revision 4080 (metacat): Merge 1.9 changes into Head


11:38 AM Bug #3402: internal dtds are not handled
I have fixed this problem in the SMS branch so that any file that is uploaded via the insertMultipart action can be r... Chad Berkley


04:09 PM Revision 4078 (metacat): Commented out the servlet for HarvesterServlet.
Jing Tao
04:03 PM Revision 4077 (metacat): *** empty log message ***
11:55 AM Revision 4076 (metacat): more improvements to the UI
11:46 AM Bug #3113: Metacat performance: saves from mopho are slow
The latest update fixed this. A posgresql configuration change for the new version of posgresql fixed the problem Callie Bowdish
10:29 AM Revision 4071 (metacat): fixed bug in prev/next buttons


04:41 PM Revision 4047 (metacat): *** empty log message ***
04:39 PM Revision 4046 (metacat): added a tabbed interface
04:32 PM Revision 4045 (metacat): *** empty log message ***
04:26 PM Revision 4044 (metacat): selected tabs
04:22 PM Revision 4043 (metacat): *** empty log message ***
04:14 PM Revision 4042 (metacat): new graphics for the tabs


04:58 PM Revision 4039 (metacat): include changes to the first/metacat integration project
merging/union across multiple datapackages now supported ben leinfelder
03:51 PM Bug #3435 (New): Confusion on how Metcat searches a string which is differnet than Google
Some users expect Metacat searches to work like Google. Google works as if there is a boolean "and" between each wor... Callie Bowdish
02:55 PM Revision 4038 (metacat): updated the link the ITIS
11:28 AM Bug #2983: Update PostgreSQL from 7.4 to 8.2 in knb.msi
It was done and no error is reported so far. Close this bug. Jing Tao
11:27 AM Bug #3397: metacat needs server side sort mechanism
Move to 1.9 milestone Jing Tao


11:15 AM Bug #3416 (New): ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in DBConnectionPool
The following error has appeared in the Tomcat log files at LTER several times:
Jun 25, 2008 9:55:54 AM org.apache...
Duane Costa


03:06 PM Bug #3415 (Resolved): metacat prints namespace attributes in opposite order of original document
When you serialize a document from metacat, the xmlns attributes come out in the opposite order from which the origin... Chad Berkley
09:43 AM Revision 4034 (metacat): save point before extending to allow merging across assessments
ben leinfelder


03:00 PM Bug #3397: metacat needs server side sort mechanism
*** Bug 3413 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Chad Berkley
03:00 PM Bug #3413: Sort order of returned resultsets needs to be standard
accidentally added a duplicate bug
*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 3397 ***
Chad Berkley
02:59 PM Bug #3413 (Resolved): Sort order of returned resultsets needs to be standard
Metacat seems to sort the returned search results in different ways, which causes problems with paged query returns. ... Chad Berkley
12:01 PM Revision 4032 (metacat): added functionality to make the document public after upload
09:35 AM Revision 4031 (metacat): increase left nav height for IE so that all the nodes are shown
(not the best in FF - but better than nothing) ben leinfelder
09:23 AM Bug #3412 (New): Kml file needs work- data set points icon and points "splitting" when clicked on
The kml file that can be downloading in the Data Catalog Map (Dowonload Goggle Earth KML) pages needs some improvemen... Callie Bowdish


12:37 PM Revision 4014 (metacat): javascript now remembers queries and can display xml or html versions of documents
11:31 AM Revision 4013 (metacat): added style for the ontologies and made the search results remember their page


03:15 PM Revision 4012 (metacat): updated stylesheets for ontologies
01:39 PM Bug #3319: Edit feature doesn't work on documents with uneditable fields
People need to be able to go back and upload a table, using the NCEAS online form after submitting the data set. Callie Bowdish
01:33 PM Bug #3403: xmlns without a : is serialized incorrectly
added an if statement to check for this condition. it now prints the xmlns out correctly. Chad Berkley
11:54 AM Bug #3403 (Resolved): xmlns without a : is serialized incorrectly
if you upload a document with an xmlns=xxx instead of xmlns:y=xxx to metacat, it uploads correctly, but when you read... Chad Berkley
01:33 PM Revision 4011 (metacat): fixed bug 3403
11:52 AM Bug #3402 (In Progress): internal dtds are not handled
XML documents with internal DTDs are not handled by metacat. The internal dtd entity callback in the sax parser is b... Chad Berkley


04:30 PM Revision 4010 (metacat): Merge METACAT_1_8_1 to cvs head.
Jing Tao
01:26 PM Revision 4009 (metacat): Updated registry instructions to fix typo, include full dependency list to fetch with apt-get for Debian-based systems
12:45 PM Bug #3396: Enable event notification feature
You might be interested in a project at the LTER Network Office to build an auditing system for all downloads, not ju... Margaret O'Brien
11:40 AM Bug #3396: Enable event notification feature
Here is another request regarding this. It is from Dan Gruener. "Also, we want to upload the datasets for NCEAS but s... Callie Bowdish
11:06 AM Revision 4008 (metacat): Add two files into cvs head.
Jing Tao


01:29 PM Revision 4007 (metacat): merge 1.8.1 to head
ben leinfelder
01:16 PM Revision 4006 (metacat): merge 1.8.1 to head
ben leinfelder


04:38 PM Bug #3397 (Resolved): metacat needs server side sort mechanism
in the past, we've been using xslt to sort search results going to a browser or client. This works fine until you us... Chad Berkley
03:41 PM Revision 4005 (metacat): got ajax calls working to display existing datasets in a paged table
03:35 PM Bug #2983: Update PostgreSQL from 7.4 to 8.2 in knb.msi
Step 7. Delete /usr/lib/pgsql/data by user postgres
rm data -rf
was changed to: mv data data-for-7.4
Jing Tao
03:34 PM Bug #2983: Update PostgreSQL from 7.4 to 8.2 in knb.msi
I have some issues about compat-postgresql-libs-3-2PGDG.rhel4.i686.rpm and compat-postgresql-libs-4-1PGDG.rhel4.i686.... Jing Tao
03:04 PM Bug #2983: Update PostgreSQL from 7.4 to 8.2 in knb.msi
In step 5, i first ran:
[root@knb postgres-8.3.3]# rpm -ef `rpm -qa | grep postgresql`
error: Failed dependencies:
Jing Tao
01:22 PM Revision 4004 (metacat): removing unneeded files


10:36 AM Bug #3396: Enable event notification feature
This is a great idea and a frequently requested feature. I think people would be more likely to archive their data if... Chris Jones
10:34 AM Bug #3396 (In Progress): Enable event notification feature
We would like to propose some changes to Metacat's event logging
feature to extend the functionality and provide a...
Chris Jones


11:17 AM Revision 4002 (metacat): cleaned up the upload functionality a bit.
10:51 AM Revision 4001 (metacat): changed message for successful upload, removed some clutter
10:33 AM Bug #3394: can't upload xml documents via multipart
I added functionality to metacat to allow this. the new action is called "insertmultipart". I haven't made it work ... Chad Berkley


03:19 PM Revision 4000 (metacat): replacing the file with files from before I messed up this directory
03:18 PM Revision 3999 (metacat): rebuilding the knb skin from before the time where I messed it up
03:06 PM Revision 3998 (metacat): putting the sms skin in the sms directory for real
02:47 PM Revision 3997 (metacat): removing some sms that somehow got in this dir
02:42 PM Revision 3996 (metacat): you can now upload xml documents with the sms skin
02:41 PM Revision 3995 (metacat): added support to upload an xml document using multipart encoding. the enables better support for web interfaces that wish to use multipart to upload xml documents. the action is 'insertmultipart'
01:03 PM Bug #3395 (Closed): allow private access via indexed "shortcut" url
Currently you can read documents using the url This only works for publ... Chad Berkley
01:00 PM Bug #3394 (Resolved): can't upload xml documents via multipart
You can only upload a binary file via the action=upload functionality. This should be changed to allow xml documents... Chad Berkley
12:49 PM Revision 3994 (metacat): removing commits that I didn't mean to make
12:43 PM Revision 3993 (metacat): made it so that the error and success messages from a multipart upload can be transformed using xslt. also added upload functionality to the sms skin
10:35 AM Revision 3992 (metacat): Check into cvs head. Add a note there is no update sql needed to be run.
Jing Tao


10:59 AM Bug #3021: ldapweb.cgi needs some usability improvements
parts 1 & 2 of this problem solved, part 1 in a 1.8.1 fix and part two in the 1.9 Token_Replacement branch. Shaun Walbridge
10:57 AM Revision 3989 (metacat): adding content to the skin and fixing some login errors
05:54 PM Revision 3988 (metacat): Check into cvs head. Add "cfg=default" into the link to create/reset/forget password ldap account.
Jing Tao


04:25 PM Revision 3983 (metacat): got ajax calls working to do login/logout for the sms page
04:22 PM Revision 3982 (metacat): got ajax calls working to do login/logout for the sms page
02:06 PM Revision 3979 (metacat): Check into cvs head. Change CGI_PREFIX to CGI_URL
Jing Tao
01:30 PM Revision 3977 (metacat): check into cvs headd. change skin from default to knb.
Jing Tao
12:35 PM Revision 3975 (metacat): adding new skin for SEEK SMS.
11:34 AM Bug #3390: Data Catalog Map and IE 7.0.5730.11 brings up pop up windows that can be a problem
Please note the Manage Add-ons window does not pop up in the process, but disabling the XML DOM Document 5.0 will bri... Callie Bowdish
11:29 AM Bug #3390: Data Catalog Map and IE 7.0.5730.11 brings up pop up windows that can be a problem
Screen shot information for this bug Callie Bowdish
11:26 AM Bug #3390 (New): Data Catalog Map and IE 7.0.5730.11 brings up pop up windows that can be a problem
Data Catalog Map and IE (Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11) brings up pop up windows that can be a problem. Most of them ... Callie Bowdish
11:05 AM Revision 3969 (metacat): do not include NCEAS projects in registry for saeon
ben leinfelder
11:04 AM Revision 3968 (metacat): uncomment the registry link in the header
ben leinfelder
10:39 AM Revision 3967 (metacat): increase the left nav once again (accommodate new SAEON nodes)
ben leinfelder
10:19 AM Bug #3389: FGDC files do not go to the most recent version when the version number is not included
committed to both the 1.8.1 branch and HEAD ben leinfelder
09:33 AM Bug #3389: FGDC files do not go to the most recent version when the version number is not included
i've updated the fgdc style sheet such that the partial docid will display the datapackage download section ben leinfelder
08:53 AM Bug #3389 (Resolved): FGDC files do not go to the most recent version when the version number is not included
FGDC files do not go to the most recent version when the version number is not included. They also do not include the... Callie Bowdish
10:18 AM Revision 3966 (metacat): uncomment the registry link in the header
ben leinfelder
10:16 AM Revision 3965 (metacat): increase height of left nav for new SAEON nodes
ben leinfelder
09:56 AM Revision 3964 (metacat): use the docid from the metadata rather than the parameter when operating on the metadata document (in cases when the docid w/o revision is not given).
see bug #3389 ben leinfelder
09:25 AM Revision 3960 (metacat): use starts-with function for cases when the abbreviated docid is used to retrieve the metadata
see bug #3389 ben leinfelder


04:46 PM Bug #3368: security issue with skins
Short solution for 1.8.1 release:
in registry_installtion.html, a paragraph was added to change the owner and access...
Jing Tao
04:44 PM Revision 3956 (metacat): Add this file to cvs head.
Jing Tao
04:43 PM Revision 3955 (metacat): Checked it into cvs head. Add a note to address the issue of replication.
Jing Tao
03:58 PM Revision 3945 (metacat): adjust height to accommodate previous change:
-add new SAEON nodes (requested by Judith) ben leinfelder
01:24 PM Revision 3944 (metacat): add new SAEON nodes (requested by Judith)
ben leinfelder
12:02 PM Bug #3176: Verify existing token changes to skins
Verified that all skins are working Michael Daigle
11:59 AM Bug #3146: Include FGDC metadata in KNB and NCEAS skin search results
closing after conference call for 1.8.1rc2 ben leinfelder
09:31 AM Bug #3384 (Resolved): Implement and test turnkey installation on windows
Phase III of the turnkey installation project is the creation of turnkey installer for windows. Michael Daigle
09:23 AM Bug #3383 (In Progress): Create RPM/Deb installation utilities
Phase II of the turnkey installation project is the creation of an install utility for linux Michael Daigle
09:21 AM Bug #3382 (Resolved): Update documentation for all 1.9 changes
Update documentation including:
Release notes for 1.9
Online installation instructions
User/Dev help html pages
Michael Daigle
09:20 AM Bug #3381 (Resolved): Create unit test code for 1.9 additions
Areas that need test code include (but are not limited to):
Properties configuration
Database updates
New utilit...
Michael Daigle
09:16 AM Bug #3380 (Resolved): Create LSID server installation
Create the LSID server installation for 1.9. Need to decide whether that server will stay an ANT install for 1.9 or ... Michael Daigle
09:06 AM Bug #3379 (Resolved): Test ecogrid in turnkey installation
Make sure ecogrid works completely in turnkey installation. Michael Daigle
09:04 AM Bug #3378 (Resolved): Test turnkey installation against Tomcat 6
Make sure all code works against tomcat version 5 and 6. Michael Daigle
09:02 AM Bug #3377 (Resolved): Create ANT install target for developers
The ANT install targets will go away for 1.9 since the install will be handled by a utility that will drop a war file... Michael Daigle
08:59 AM Bug #3376 (Resolved): Add DB upgrade/install functionality to java code
Add the ability for db upgrade scripts to be run from within java. This will allow control of the db upgrade from wi... Michael Daigle
08:55 AM Bug #3375 (Resolved): Create a sorted properties utility
Create a class that will handle standard properties, but will maintain comments, spaces and property order. Michael Daigle
08:53 AM Bug #3374 (Resolved): Add authentication for configuration utility
The configuration utility should only be available via LDAP authentication of administrative users. The exception to... Michael Daigle
08:50 AM Bug #3373 (Resolved): Create skin specific configuration utility
Skins need to be configurable on an individual basis. The existing (new for 1.9) configuration utility needs to be m... Michael Daigle
08:47 AM Bug #3372 (Resolved): Integrate perl token replacement changes into token_replacement branch
Shaun made the perl token replacement changed for 1.9. These changes may affect the token replacement changes made i... Michael Daigle
08:45 AM Bug #3371 (Resolved): Modify confguration utility in metacat
To facilitate the turnkey installer, the internal metacat configuration utility that Matt J created must be upgraded. Michael Daigle
08:41 AM Bug #3370 (Resolved): Merge token replacement code onto HEAD
All 1.9 token replacement code has taken place on the token_replacement branch so far. Now that 1.8.1 has been relea... Michael Daigle

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