From 05/17/2001 to 06/15/2001


02:54 AM Bug #237: exclude old revisions of packages from results display
Created a new class called "HeadResultSet" that extends ResultSet, the
difference being that it collapses the result ...
Matt Jones


01:10 PM Bug #237 (Resolved): exclude old revisions of packages from results display
Need mechanism for not showing old revisions of data packages in the morpho
result set pane.
The second and third...
Matt Jones


09:12 PM Bug #232: [RFE] saved queries
Done. Queries can now be saved into a user's profile, and when they are saved,
they are added to the "Search" menu o...
Matt Jones
01:24 AM Bug #232: [RFE] saved queries
Began work on the "saved queries" feature. This basically allows the user to
click on the new "Save" icon in the res...
Matt Jones
01:24 PM Bug #201: add https support to client framework
All metacat communication is now handled through methods in ClientFramework.
Need to add https (SSL) support. Reass...
Matt Jones
01:56 AM Bug #236 (Resolved): improve handling of query options
QueryDialog currently hard codes the "casesensitive" query option and does not
allow the user to set and control man...
Matt Jones
01:52 AM Bug #215: need query composition module
Done. Queries can now be composed using the API found in the Query class, and
the QueryDialog class is able to combin...
Matt Jones
01:43 AM Bug #198: morpho should submit a reivisionid with updates
Reassigned to berkley because all of the accession # handling is being done by
the datapackage package.
Matt Jones
01:41 AM Bug #216: combine subject and "all text" query screens
Done. This is now reflected in the redesigned "Subject" tab of the query dialog. Matt Jones
01:31 AM Bug #202: new config management/profile feature for morpho framework
Fixed the linux bug (order of operations problem).
Fixed LocalQuery, so it now queries the data in the users profile....
Matt Jones


08:28 PM Bug #202: new config management/profile feature for morpho framework
Bug on linux: new profile feature on Morpho startup always results in Morpho
exiting because, for some reason, it thi...
Matt Jones
08:25 PM Bug #202: new config management/profile feature for morpho framework
Further work on the new profiles feature of morpho.
Now, upon morpho startup, we check to see if there
was a profi...
Matt Jones


01:27 PM Bug #202: new config management/profile feature for morpho framework
Reassigned to jones because this feature is needed for implementing saved queries. Matt Jones
10:14 AM Bug #210: redesign and implement XML editing/display component
Dan is actually working on this anyway, so I've re-assigned it to him. Chris Jones


02:49 PM Bug #165: taxonomic search facility
Created the "itislib" module, which contains a Java library for doing ITIS
searches. itislib allows one to search fo...
Matt Jones


06:58 PM Bug #165: taxonomic search facility
Basic taxonomic string matching implemented in the QueryDialog class. Need to
do term expansion and synonym lookup u...
Matt Jones


03:20 PM Bug #218: need query execution module
Finished. The Query class encapsulates the constraints that should be used for
searching, and contains an "execute()"...
Matt Jones
03:17 PM Bug #214: Redesign query plugin
Query package has now redesign and contains the QueryPlugin, QueryDialog, Query,
QueryGroup, and QueryTerm classes. ...
Matt Jones
03:12 PM Bug #219: need ResultSet handling UI
Refresh and Revise buttons now work properly. Queries are reloaded into the
query dialog when revise is hit, or simp...
Matt Jones
03:10 PM Bug #203: new UI layout for the top-level container
Finished redesign. Top level container now shows the data sets for the owner.
Query results only include dataset ty...
Matt Jones


01:44 PM Bug #158: Result set counter
Added counter to ResultPanel. Matt Jones
01:29 PM Bug #164: Add Browse Data Tab functionality
*** Bug 90 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Matt Jones
10:32 AM Bug #164: Add Browse Data Tab functionality
Owner query now populates the main morpho window and runs by default. Browse
data tab no longer in the plans.
Matt Jones
01:29 PM Bug #90: need data "browse" capability
Same functionality requested and privided by bug 164. This is fixed, and is a
*** This bug has been mark...
Matt Jones
10:29 AM Bug #200: New top-level container framework
Completed new framework architecture. Now both plugins and abstract services
are supported.
Matt Jones

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