From 11/04/2001 to 12/03/2001


08:23 PM Bug #348: remove eml-physical from new descriptions list
removed. it has not yet been integrated into the wizard though Chad Berkley
08:17 PM Bug #347: remove eml-distribution from morpho
removed Chad Berkley
04:46 PM Bug #316: PREVIOUS button in Package Wizard generates inappropriate warnings
warnings removed Dan Higgins


06:42 PM Bug #281: connection and other errors on Solaris
I tried reproducing this bug on another Solaris box, but didn't have Solaris
2.5.1, rather Solaris 2.7 (SunOS 5.7). ...
Chris Jones
04:02 PM Bug #317: difference in display between table editor and attributes
This is not a bug but rather a mistake in understancing that certain parameters
are stored in XML attributes rather t...
Dan Higgins


05:12 PM Bug #296: HTML help files need to be upgraded
Chris and Mark will work with Eric to make the revisions to the files and get
them committed in CVS by December 10th....
Matt Jones
05:09 PM Bug #341: text import issues with eml-attribute creation
Reassigned to jones for testing. Matt Jones
05:07 PM Bug #363 (Resolved): update morpho and metacat DTDs to include EML2.0.0Beta5
We will release a new version of EML with our accumulated changes and with
updated documentation. Need to add these...
Matt Jones
05:05 PM Bug #362 (Resolved): save invalid xml docs without DOCTYPE
Morpho currently allows users to create and save invalid doctypes locally. If
they send them to metacat, the invali...
Matt Jones
05:03 PM Bug #361 (Resolved): strip empty elements if blank
When users fill out form fields in the various XML editors in morpho, we
sometimes create an empty element if they l...
Matt Jones
05:00 PM Bug #360 (In Progress): consolidate configuration information
Morpho currently has configuration info about schemas, layout, and help hints
spread across at least 4 types of conf...
Matt Jones
04:56 PM Bug #359 (Resolved): new mechanism for editing XML attributes
XML attributes are currently edited in a separate table which is typically
visually unapparent to the user. Need a ...
Matt Jones
04:54 PM Bug #358 (Resolved): need visual indicator of login and network status
When morpho has network access to metacat, a user can be logged in or not. If
they are logged in, they have the acc...
Matt Jones
04:51 PM Bug #357 (Resolved): determine if a network connection is available
Morpho often hangs if the network is unreachable or if Metacat is unreachable.
Need to create a status flag indicat...
Matt Jones
04:49 PM Bug #356 (Resolved): resolve icon usability issues
Current icons in Morpho are not completely telegraphic. Need to resolve
usability and understandability of icons wi...
Matt Jones
04:47 PM Bug #355 (Resolved): show icon indicating presence of data in package list
Current icons in the resultpanel show whether or not a file is local, or is on
metacat. Need to also show whether o...
Matt Jones
04:24 PM Bug #281: connection and other errors on Solaris
Chris will test this on lifescie and try to reproduce it. Matt Jones
03:47 PM Bug #317: difference in display between table editor and attributes
Not a bug. They don't show up in element list because this info is encoded as
XML attributes, and it is visually dif...
Matt Jones
03:27 PM Bug #295: unable to create new eml-project documents
Performance problem. Will fix while fixing bug #352 Matt Jones
03:04 PM Bug #221: Test Morpho and the Morpho Installer on Linux
Layout issues on linux (chopped fonts, etc.) Many layout issues go away with jdk
1.4. Delay till after release 1.
Matt Jones
03:00 PM Bug #346: make sure morpho displays ALL eml field documentation
Short term: copy ALL documentation to morpho where it is needed.
Long term: create way to get info directly from XSD...
Matt Jones
02:38 PM Bug #315: Need to add eml-physical creation to package wizard and text input wizard
Reenable creation of eml-physical. Matt Jones
02:26 PM Bug #222: Test Morpho and the Morpho Installer on MacOS and MacOS X.
Use a jvm/os detector from to turn off some code for OS9. Put
up a warning dialog saying they shou...
Matt Jones
02:19 PM Bug #211: Data entity editor and display
Display finished. Editor to be implemented later. Matt Jones
01:34 PM Bug #330: need stylesheet catalog
When this is implemented, consider using the format that metacat uses for
storing stylesheet catalog information. Th...
Matt Jones
09:21 AM Bug #354 (Resolved): User input column(Attribute) data types
Need capability for user to enter new column data types (i.e add to choice list) Dan Higgins
09:19 AM Bug #353 (Resolved): Text Import Wizard does not allow Min/Max input
Current version of TextImportWizard determines min and max for numeric columns,
but does not allow user input. Need ...
Dan Higgins
09:16 AM Bug #352 (Resolved): errors in XML editor with complex documents
Several errors in the displayed XML document have been observed, especially with
complex documents with (CHOICE) nod...
Dan Higgins
09:10 AM Bug #351 (Resolved): access control for added data&metadata
When additional data and associated metadata is added to a package,
access-contol information for the newly added do...
Dan Higgins
09:08 AM Bug #350 (Resolved): problem inserting eml-project files to metacat
Christy Bowles has reported that trying to submit an eml-project file to metacat
results in an error (a dtd problem?)
Dan Higgins
09:06 AM Bug #347: remove eml-distribution from morpho
It is embodied in the onlineURL and offlineMedium fields from eml-resource,
which is the sepertype of eml-dataset. T...
Matt Jones


09:43 PM Bug #347: remove eml-distribution from morpho
Upon reviewing eml-dataset schemas in mdstandards module, I cannot find any
place where eml-distribution is actually ...
Dan Higgins
07:12 PM Bug #347 (Resolved): remove eml-distribution from morpho
The eml-distribution module is now incorporated into eml-dataset. We should
remove it from morpho as a standalone m...
Matt Jones
07:27 PM Bug #349 (Resolved): failure when entering table description
Morpho fails with an error when entering a new table description without
pointing at an object. One should be able ...
Matt Jones
07:17 PM Bug #348 (Resolved): remove eml-physical from new descriptions list
eml-physical should be created automatically as part of the text import wizard
and so should not be a selectable cho...
Matt Jones
07:10 PM Bug #346 (Resolved): make sure morpho displays ALL eml field documentation
Morpho now selectively displays eml documentation. Need to make sure that it
displays all of the EML documentation ...
Matt Jones
07:06 PM Bug #315: Need to add eml-physical creation to package wizard and text input wizard
Overall need to be sure that eml-entity, eml-attribute, eml-physical are all
properly created by the text import wiza...
Matt Jones
07:03 PM Bug #318: identifier not passed to new metadatat objects
Need to configure all morpho screens so that identifiers can not be entered or
changed anywhere. This is confusing t...
Matt Jones
06:59 PM Bug #345 (Resolved): pick lists for controlled vocabularies
Morpho should be able to be configured to support multiple controlled
vocabularies and present the user with an easy...
Matt Jones
06:57 PM Bug #344 (Resolved): need larger boxes for entering paragraphs
Many places in morpho require the user to enter paragraphs of information, but
display these fields as one line text...
Matt Jones
06:55 PM Bug #343 (Resolved): text import doesn't reliably save datatype
The datatype field for attributes is parsed and set by the text import wizard
but is not saved reliably in the final...
Matt Jones
06:53 PM Bug #342 (Resolved): display metadata file timestamps
Some users requested that the package display show the modification timestamp
for packages. Also wanted timestamps ...
Matt Jones
06:49 PM Bug #341: text import issues with eml-attribute creation
This is partially completed. However, when I tested it in Morpho the values
that I entered into the fields for label...
Matt Jones
06:47 PM Bug #341 (Resolved): text import issues with eml-attribute creation
While parsing and importing text files we currently default fill in the
attribute definition to be identical to the ...
Matt Jones
06:44 PM Bug #340 (Resolved): need degree/minute/second converter for bounding box entry
Degrees in eml are expressed exclusively as decimal degrees, but many scienties
have degrees:minutes:seconds. Need ...
Matt Jones
05:51 PM Bug #334 (Resolved): complete/basic option for package wizard
Request was made by the REOT group to have an option to switch between a "basic"
mode and a "complete" mode in the p...
Matt Jones
05:48 PM Bug #333 (Resolved): add fields to package wizard
Need to add the core fields to the package wizard to allow for a reasonably
complete metadata set using only the pac...
Matt Jones


12:00 PM Bug #330 (Resolved): need stylesheet catalog
we need to create a catalog of stylesheets for morpho so that when the user exports a package, the html file can be r... Chad Berkley
11:49 AM Bug #301: use UID as scope, chek for conflicts
added a method to re-id an entire package. If the upload of a package fails due to a duplicate id, each file in the ... Chad Berkley


04:49 PM Bug #312: layout of package wizard needs work
this was fixed a while ago. I just never marked it as so. Chad Berkley
03:52 PM Bug #212: jar file handling for data packages
Created the HTML file with merged metadata. this fils still looks a bit rough but is useful. I also added a link in... Chad Berkley


12:11 PM Bug #327 (Resolved): XML editor does not display eml-physical content correctly
XML editor does not display the fieldDelimiter element content. It appears empty
even when it has a value.
Dan Higgins


11:26 AM Bug #318: identifier not passed to new metadatat objects
I think this was explained to me as a 'feature' - objects don't get an
identifier until they are saved. Sorry for th...
James Brunt


10:52 AM Bug #326 (In Progress): Ability to repeat more than one field
The repeat button to add more fields is good, but it would be useful to be able
to have the ability to add more than...
Christy Christy


03:33 PM Bug #320: all eml literature objects displayed as data packages
This bug is already fixed in the latest CVS version (although not in the Beta1.3
Dan Higgins
11:48 AM Bug #320 (Resolved): all eml literature objects displayed as data packages
On the primary morpho screen that displays data packages - when I created eml
literature citations to associate wit...
James Brunt


05:40 PM Bug #318 (Resolved): identifier not passed to new metadatat objects
When trying to create new metadata objects I noticed that the identifier was
not passed to the new objects - I don'...
James Brunt
05:38 PM Bug #317 (Resolved): difference in display between table editor and attributes
Under the table editor - the attributes 'case-sensitive' and 'orientation' show
up in print in the left hand column...
James Brunt
05:29 PM Bug #205: cut/copy/paste
Matt/Dan -
I think this should be moved up in priority - the ability to document data is
greatly hindered by not h...
James Brunt

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