From 12/13/2001 to 01/11/2002


11:45 AM Bug #397 (Resolved): editor resizes very slowly
If you resize the editor screen, it takes a very long time to redraw. It seems
like it is doing the entire dtd pars...
Chad Berkley
11:43 AM Bug #396 (Resolved): login dialog requires tab before text entry
The password field of the login dialog should have default focus so the user
does not have to hit the tab key to sta...
Chad Berkley
11:42 AM Bug #395 (Resolved): second screen of profile wizard must be clicked on
The second screen of the profile wizard does not have a default focus of the
cursor, causing the user to have to cli...
Chad Berkley
11:38 AM Bug #394 (In Progress): window positions need to be saved
Morpho needs to save the position of each of its windows so that when they are
closed then shown again, they can be ...
Chad Berkley
11:16 AM Bug #393 (Resolved): editor allows you to save an invalid document without prompting
If you neglect to fill out a required element in a document in the editor, the
editor does not inform you of that wh...
Chad Berkley
11:14 AM Bug #392 (Resolved): when upload error occurs metacat and local copies can diverge
when changing a file that is both on metacat and local, if a metacat upload
error occurs because of a problem with t...
Chad Berkley
10:51 AM Bug #391 (Resolved): column definition is not retained through wizard navigation
If you get to the text import wizard screen where you enter column definition,
then enter a definition, then click t...
Chad Berkley
10:46 AM Bug #390 (Resolved): Table name field should not default to full path
In the text import wizard, the default table name is the entire path to the data
file. This should be trimmed to ju...
Chad Berkley
10:44 AM Bug #389 (Resolved): editable grid confusing in text import wizard
The grid boxes in the text import wizard should not allow the user to alter the
text within them. this is confusing...
Chad Berkley
10:41 AM Bug #388 (Closed): Column Definition field header in wrong place
The Column Definition label in the Text Import Wizard shows up below the text
field instead of to the side of it or ...
Chad Berkley


03:22 PM Bug #387 (Resolved): taxoncl element listed twice (taxonomic coverage)
the taxoncl element is listed twice. I assume this is a mistake David Blankman


02:00 PM Bug #386: Geographic coverage - westbc missing descriptive info
info added to *.xml configuration files used by morpho Dan Higgins
01:44 PM Bug #386: Geographic coverage - westbc missing descriptive info
This appears to be a Morpho bug. The EML docs are present in the XSD files, but
as David shows it is truncated in th...
Matt Jones
12:29 PM Bug #386 (Resolved): Geographic coverage - westbc missing descriptive info
The second sentence in the description is incomplete. It says only "This
longitude c"
David Blankman


09:02 AM Bug #327: XML editor does not display eml-physical content correctly
changed to just save the hex value Dan Higgins
09:01 AM Bug #385: Editor Failure to save metadata for some nodes
fixed with changes in editor and corrections to xml template files Dan Higgins
08:59 AM Bug #296: HTML help files need to be upgraded
new help system created by Eric Fegraus Dan Higgins
08:58 AM Bug #223: Build installers for Windows, Mac, Linux
Beta2 Installers completed Dan Higgins


12:23 PM Bug #378: morpho crashes
bugzilla test Dan Higgins
12:22 PM Bug #377: morpho crashes
bugzilla test! Dan Higgins


01:15 PM Bug #385 (Resolved): Editor Failure to save metadata for some nodes
Editor fails to save data added to geographic coverage and taxonomic coverage
nodes in eml-dataset documents, althou...
Dan Higgins
12:20 PM Bug #383: Password Security
password shows up in the command window if debug level = 20; will not show up
under usual setting of debug level = 9
Dan Higgins
10:38 AM Bug #383 (Resolved): Password Security
The password is shown in its entirety in the Java window as you are logging
into metacat. Not sure how secure this...
Eric Fegraus
10:58 AM Bug #384 (Resolved): Table Description Scroll Bar
Added about 10 tables and there wasn't a scroll bar. They get lost below the
box. Tried expanding window but still ...
Eric Fegraus


01:32 PM Bug #382: test
test Chad Berkley
01:30 PM Bug #382 (Resolved): test
test 2 Chad Berkley
01:32 PM Bug #381: test
test Chad Berkley
01:03 PM Bug #381 (Resolved): test
test 2 Chad Berkley
01:31 PM Bug #380: test
test Chad Berkley
12:55 PM Bug #380 (Resolved): test
test 2 Chad Berkley
01:31 PM Bug #379: test
test Chad Berkley
12:54 PM Bug #379 (Resolved): test
test 2 Chad Berkley
12:41 PM Bug #378: morpho crashes
test Chad Berkley
12:03 PM Bug #378 (Resolved): morpho crashes
something is broken! Chad Berkley
12:01 PM Bug #377 (Resolved): morpho crashes
something is broken! Chad Berkley


06:38 PM Bug #375: morpho fails to display access metadata
FIXED. Morpho config can now take a list of doctypes for each of the relevant
types. The first in the list is used ...
Matt Jones
05:22 PM Bug #341: text import issues with eml-attribute creation
All but empty code definitions fixed: new bug entered
Dan Higgins
05:16 PM Bug #376 (Resolved): Allow the user to enter code definitions
The code definitions in enumeratedDomain are blank, empty elements. The
wizard should prompt the user to defineeach...
Dan Higgins
05:06 PM Bug #346: make sure morpho displays ALL eml field documentation
all of the documentation is now copied for release 1. I have written a parser which kind of works for creating the d... Chad Berkley
02:24 PM Bug #369: unnecessary menus in text import wizard
Postpone until next release. There is some misunderstanding in your last
comment Dan about what I was proposing. We...
Matt Jones
02:21 PM Bug #288: Need activity indication when awaiting response from Metacat
Postponed till next release. Matt Jones
11:34 AM Bug #363: update morpho and metacat DTDs to include EML2.0.0Beta5
done Chad Berkley
11:34 AM Bug #318: identifier not passed to new metadatat objects
all identifiers and triples are now displayed in a locked panel. all paragraphs are displayed in a text area panel. Chad Berkley
10:53 AM Bug #372: need for 'Guest;/Public' log in
I wanted to add another note to this bug. After working with the documentation
it becomes a little confusing to exp...
Eric Fegraus


07:21 PM Bug #375 (Resolved): morpho fails to display access metadata
The new version of Morpho fails to display the access metadata associated with
older versions of EML. This seems to...
Matt Jones
04:51 PM Bug #374 (Resolved): dtd parser cannot handle multi-rooted dtds
Currently, the dtd parser uses its bultin abitlity to 'guess' the root element
of a dtd. This does not work when the...
Dan Higgins
01:52 PM Bug #333: add fields to package wizard
this is complete. Chad Berkley


05:08 PM Bug #222: Test Morpho and the Morpho Installer on MacOS and MacOS X.
JVM/OS system detector and warning implemented. Current 1.3 code tested on Mac
OS 9. A few functions do not work on O...
Dan Higgins
05:05 PM Bug #368: Morpho windows won't close
fixed problem where editorPlugin was not releasing references to DocPanel
objects when those windows were closed. Thi...
Dan Higgins
04:58 PM Bug #352: errors in XML editor with complex documents
Bug has been fixed with a rewrite of the method that merged DTD tree with
instance tree (treeUnion).
Dan Higgins
04:57 PM Bug #341: text import issues with eml-attribute creation
"spurious values" that appeared in the editor have been fixed
Dan Higgins

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