From 08/23/2005 to 09/21/2005


10:36 AM Bug #2205 (Resolved): Can't open local data files if non-directories exist in data/ dir
If a file exists in data/ then no data packages appear in the GUI.
The loop that iterates thr...
P. Anderson


02:08 PM Bug #2203: Morpho editor gives validation problem message when you don't trim
This is morpho version 1.6rc1
Error message from morpho's tree editor varied depending on how I reached the
tree edi...
Margaret O'Brien
11:07 AM Bug #2203 (Resolved): Morpho editor gives validation problem message when you don't trim
When you open morpho editor, click on "show all", make a change in one of the
nodes that appeared, and then click on...
Veronique Connolly
02:08 PM Bug #2200: Morpho editor creates unwanted node (spatialVector)
A similar experience on this file:
Margaret O'Brien
10:16 AM Bug #2200: Morpho editor creates unwanted node (spatialVector)
In a different data package, the taxonomicCoverage node was inserted by the
editor (this node was not present in the ...
Veronique Connolly
09:39 AM Bug #2200 (Resolved): Morpho editor creates unwanted node (spatialVector)
I had a data package containing a data table with two attributes, Column 1 and
Column 2. I opened morpho's editor, c...
Veronique Connolly
12:59 PM Bug #2204 (Resolved): additionalMetadata not displayed in dp when created in editor
When you open the morpho editor, click on "Show All", add information under the
additionalMetadata node, click on "T...
Veronique Connolly
10:54 AM Bug #2202 (Resolved): Displaying year only under Temporal Coverage
When you choose "Enter Year Only" for Temporal Coverage (either in the NDPW or
from the Documentation menu), what ge...
Veronique Connolly
10:36 AM Bug #2201: data not uploaded to metacat from morpho
Targeting 1.7 because this bug has not yet been reproduced. Matt Jones
10:35 AM Bug #2201 (Resolved): data not uploaded to metacat from morpho
Kristin Vanderbilt reports a problem with Morpho in which her two data tables
that were described in Morpho are not ...
Matt Jones


01:12 PM Bug #2199 (New): Info in additionalMedata tags not displayed when viewing data package
When viewing a data package, the information inside "AdditionalMetadata" tags is
not displayed in the metadata.
Will Tyburczy
12:58 PM Bug #2198 (Resolved): Morpho editor generates validation problem message when doc is valid
In Morpho 1.6.CR1, when you open the editor and click on OK right after (without
making any changes within the edito...
Veronique Connolly
10:31 AM Bug #1706: missingValueCode (any optionalFields?) element apparently missing from the eml template
This is probably going to be fixed when bug 3 2096 is fixed. So marking it as
related. Once 2096 is closed, test to...
Matt Jones
10:29 AM Bug #2096: Not all elements of attribute module displayed in tree editor
This is probably not a template bug, rather something in how repeated elements
are handled.
Matt Jones


10:26 AM Bug #2197 (Resolved): Morpho fails to load number type when editing column documentation
When you right click on a column and select "Edit Column Documentation", the number type for that
column (natural n...
Will Tyburczy


11:34 AM Bug #2193 (Resolved): Morpho incorrectly tries to insert rather than update when trying to save revised data packages on the network
Morpho sometimes fails to save revisions to data packages to the network. It
tries to "insert" rather than "update"...
Will Tyburczy


08:21 AM Bug #2177 (New): Local search does not search on data package ID
The Morpho Search feature does not search all of the data package when a local
search is choosen. The Document ID o...
Callie Bowdish


10:49 AM Bug #2169: Table display in Morpho is slow when many columns involved
Added some additional fixes to the AbstractDataPackage class to force a rebuild
of the attributeArray after a column ...
Dan Higgins


10:25 AM Bug #2169: Table display in Morpho is slow when many columns involved
A major cause of this problem is in the section of code that builds the header
of the data table (i.e. column name, u...
Dan Higgins


04:13 PM Bug #2169: Table display in Morpho is slow when many columns involved
Increase in table load time seems to increase non-linearly as the number of
columns increases. Some sample load time...
Will Tyburczy

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