From 11/12/2005 to 12/11/2005


03:14 PM Bug #2315 (Resolved): Unable to run multiple Kepler instances simultaneously
On a Windows machine, I have been unable to launch a second instance of Kepler
(using a batch file which should run ...
Dan Higgins
10:54 AM Bug #2314 (Resolved): composites show up as classes not instances
when you drag a composite to the canvas, a purple box shows up surrounding the
actor indicating that the actor is a ...
Chad Berkley
10:52 AM Bug #2255: Simple Composite Actor cannot be dragged onto display
TypedCompositeActor can now be dragged onto the canvas. In doing this, dan and
I found another problem with composit...
Chad Berkley


02:30 PM Bug #1843: unexpected workflow components tree behavior
i think this may be fixed with the new rendering scheme - was possibly linked to
re-painting the icons. When we switc...
Matthew Brooke
02:28 PM Bug #2269: SVG - Small Icon (Actor Library Thumbnail)
fixed - thumbnails now rendered from thumbnail-sized raster icons Matthew Brooke
02:27 PM Bug #2268: SVG - Backward Compatibility
fixed translation issue by reverting to diva renderign for old-style icons, and
using batik only if batik switch is a...
Matthew Brooke
12:19 PM Bug #2266: SVG - Assigning Icons
implemented assignment by LSID. if none found, assigns by classname. Finally, if
none found there, uses default blank...
Matthew Brooke


10:15 AM Bug #2277: Simplify Kar loading
In Trunk, I have implemented a revised kar build system which does not utilize
the actorList.moml or
Kevin Ruland


10:41 AM Bug #2304: RExpression accepts only limited input size.
Some further examination indicates that the problem indicate that the problem is
in 'R' rather than the RExpression c...
Dan Higgins


08:59 AM Bug #2307 (In Progress): Mac OSX code missing for several JNI actors
We have compiled libraries (in CVS) for GARP and some GIS tools (e.g. GDAL) for
Windows and Linux OSs, but we do not...
Dan Higgins


09:26 AM Bug #2109: make double-click open composite actor
yes, my professional assessment is that double-clicking to open a composite
actor is still preferred over the altern...
Laura Downey
09:16 AM Bug #2109: make double-click open composite actor
My feeling is that it is far better to have double click on composites open the
composite, and double click on atomic...
Matt Jones
08:51 AM Bug #2109: make double-click open composite actor
The natural inclination when "drilling down" in graphical heirarchical systems
is to double click on the object you ...
Laura Downey
09:24 AM Bug #2273: Problem with Hydro1K Flow Accumulation data
This looks like a GDAL problem - see comments below from Dave Vieglais
Hi Dan,
from gdal-1.3.1/frmts/raw/ehdrdatase...
Dan Higgins


08:02 PM Bug #2304: RExpression accepts only limited input size.
I think I may have limited the size of the string used to pass data from Kepler
to R. (I will check the code.)
It may...
Dan Higgins
03:13 PM Bug #2304 (Resolved): RExpression accepts only limited input size.
The R expression actor accepts only a very limited size of input. For example,
a vector x <- 1:20000 with 20000 elem...
Lareo Lareo
02:44 PM Bug #2109: make double-click open composite actor
I have to take issue with the goal of this 'bug'. On atomic actors, a
double-click just displays the 'Edit parameters...
Dan Higgins
10:09 AM Bug #2273: Problem with Hydro1K Flow Accumulation data
This appears to be a GDAL problem. GDAL tries to read the data in a 32 bit bil
file as a 32 bit float when it is (app...
Dan Higgins


01:58 PM Bug #2302 (In Progress): Problem unzipping hierarchical data
When EML Datasources point to zipped data files, the data is supposed to be
automatically unzipped when downloaded. ...
Dan Higgins
12:37 PM Bug #2300 (Resolved): migrate to new web services-only ecogrid client in Kepler
Kepler currently uses the version of the EcoGrid client based on Grid service
APIs. THat client will be changed to ...
Matt Jones
08:56 AM Bug #2290: EML2 Data Source problem with higgins.5087.3 - 'BaselineLayers'
This was really not a bug, but rather a mistake in my understanding. Read access
has to be given to TESTUSER for obje...
Dan Higgins


01:09 PM Bug #2290 (Resolved): EML2 Data Source problem with higgins.5087.3 - 'BaselineLayers'
To reproduce this bug, do a datasearch for 'BaselineLayers'. This shold give the
knb package 'higgins.5087.3'. The d...
Dan Higgins


06:30 AM Bug #2266: SVG - Assigning Icons
per my IRC conversation with matt, mappings should use LSIDs as keys instead of
(or perhaps in addition to?) classnam...
Matthew Brooke


04:12 PM Bug #2266: SVG - Assigning Icons
added code to:
kepler/src/exp/ptolemy/actor/ and
Matthew Brooke
04:11 PM Bug #2286 (Resolved): SVG - reduce svg file size
SVG icons in kepler-docs/dev/usability/graphics/svg are mostly ~500MB in size.
Most of this is unneeded stuff that I...
Matthew Brooke


03:40 PM Bug #2281 (Resolved): Duplicated and incorrect search results in actor searching
The three actors "ENM PCP","ESRI Shapefile Displayer" and "GML Displayer" are
desinged to be GISOutputActor in the ...
jianting zhang
12:34 PM Bug #2246: TOOLBAR: status on opening workflows and blank frames
There are four icons for each toolbar button. Per Laura, these represent the
four states:
Normal (unpressed)
Matthew Brooke


12:08 PM Bug #2278: Fix cache file name clash
Fixed in v1.5 of org.kepler.objectmanager.cache.DataCacheObject. Kevin Ruland
10:21 AM Bug #2278 (Resolved): Fix cache file name clash
The cache file naming system relies on system date (to millisecond). On faster
systems this can cause naming clashes.
Kevin Ruland
10:18 AM Bug #2277 (Resolved): Simplify Kar loading
For first release, simplify the kar loading process to operate on moml documents
only. Each moml file will describe...
Kevin Ruland
10:05 AM Bug #2275: Replace the DataCacheManager
This will also require us changing all of the ecogrid classes to use the new system. Chad Berkley
10:03 AM Bug #2275 (Resolved): Replace the DataCacheManager
The DataCacheManager does some funky things and needs to be refactored to make
the API simpler and enable native use...
Chad Berkley
09:56 AM Bug #2233: Name duplication exception with KAR files
This is not a kepler bug. This is a restriction of PTII. Each actor is also a
NamedObj. Names in PTII MUST be unique.
Chad Berkley
09:55 AM Bug #1924: Refactor actor and data display and search code
This is being addressed both with the TreeIndex class and the new ObjectCache.
the ObjectCache includes callbacks so...
Chad Berkley
09:49 AM Bug #1909: generalize cache manager to provide support for very large data files
This should be implemented in the extension of CacheObject that deals with data
Chad Berkley
09:48 AM Bug #1883: Add LSID to Cache Manager
the objectcache will replace the datacachemanager as the main caching system in
kepler. the objectcache relies compl...
Chad Berkley
09:39 AM Bug #1340: define and implement kepler archive file format (kar)
The kar format has been specified and kar files are currently being used to load
actors into kepler. it was recently...
Chad Berkley
09:37 AM Bug #1750: Allow KAR files to include jar/class files
we decided to wait on this until after the next release. Chad Berkley


08:43 AM Bug #2273 (Resolved): Problem with Hydro1K Flow Accumulation data
Hydro1K Flow Accumulation data is somehow not getting processed correctly. It
should range from small numbers to num...
Dan Higgins

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