From 09/20/2004 to 10/19/2004


09:16 AM Bug #1719 (Resolved): integrate Finch's MS Access plugin in next release
Mike Finch from the CanopyDB project developed a plugin for Morpho that imports
MS Access databases and creates the ...
Matt Jones


01:36 PM Bug #1716 (Resolved): Feature requests for access screen in DPW
Features requested by people at the KNB workshop for access screen in DPW:
1. Provide data and time of the last ac...
Saurabh Garg
09:05 AM Bug #1715 (Resolved): New package window is not set to visible
Finch, Michael <> found a bug where in some cases after a
new package window is created it is ...
Saurabh Garg


10:55 AM Bug #1714 (Resolved): tab delimited text import doesn't display correctly
When importing a new data table in Morpho, if one imports a tab-delimited file
it parses the file and allows metadat...
Matt Jones


08:40 AM Bug #1712 (Resolved): Radio buttons for choice are "all" set as default in Tree Editor
When creating a new instance document, the Tree Editor sets all radio buttons as
the default. If the document is sa...
Mark Servilla


03:41 PM Bug #1710 (Resolved): taxonomicClassificationSystem not created correctly from GUI
the GUI editor for taxonomicClassificationSystem is not providing the required
content inside taxonomicClassificatio...
Chad Berkley
03:40 PM Bug #1709: taxonomic
accidentally submitted this Chad Berkley
03:39 PM Bug #1709 (Resolved): taxonomic
Chad Berkley
03:21 PM Bug #1708 (Resolved): data import wizard crashes when you click finish
several people at the KNB workshop reported that the import wizard crashed when
they clicked the finish button causi...
Chad Berkley
03:15 PM Bug #1707 (Resolved): create profile wizard needs more documentation
the create profile wizard needs a better explanation of the network parameters
and teh identifier prefix. also, the...
Chad Berkley
02:26 PM Bug #1706: missingValueCode (any optionalFields?) element apparently missing from the eml template
problem does not occur with the FIRST attribute subtree, but does occur on all
attribute subtrees after the first. Re...
Dan Higgins
12:00 PM Bug #1706: missingValueCode (any optionalFields?) element apparently missing from the eml template
Thise is apparently a problem with the merge function. When MeasurementType is
in the current document, the optional ...
Dan Higgins
11:42 AM Bug #1706 (Resolved): missingValueCode (any optionalFields?) element apparently missing from the eml template
A new, empty missing value code (actually any optional fields after
Measurement...) does not appear in the expanded ...
Dan Higgins
11:38 AM Bug #1705 (New): Message after "Export" should show dir nam
There is some confusion on what is saved by an Export command. A Dir is created
in the directory chosen with the pa...
Dan Higgins


04:53 PM Bug #1704 (New): need additional operators for the spatial search
a participant in the september 2004 knb workshop requested that the spatial
search have operators such as union and ...
Chad Berkley
04:47 PM Bug #1702 (New): spatial search is not saved
when you revise a search that you have just performed, the spatial bounding box
is reset to the default instead of b...
Chad Berkley
02:35 PM Bug #1701 (Resolved): All choices selected by default in tree editor
If one expands the tree editor to show all elements, initially ALL choices show
up being 'selected' (at least on the...
Dan Higgins


04:27 PM Bug #1670: Link provided to access data is wrong
After the newest version of metacat (1.4.0) was released, this problem is
solved if you re-save the data package to ...
Andrea Andrea

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