From 03/05/2006 to 04/03/2006


02:52 PM Bug #2393 (New): Need ability to disable 'add port' to actors where not supported
Currently one can 'add a port' to any actor even when that actor is not designed to look for new ports. This has conf... Dan Higgins


03:01 PM Bug #1844: tool tip problems
test of new server - ignore Matthew Brooke


12:41 PM Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
I just checked an edited version into CVS that uses css - please feel free to
tweak the fonts, positioning etc as nee...
Matthew Brooke
10:31 AM Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
I think the plain text you're seeing may be caused by something not being quite
right with the html/css source code. ...
Matthew Brooke
09:41 AM Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
Right now the CSS just shows up as plain text as its on a JEditorPane. Nandita Mangal
09:37 AM Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
>> Nandita is looking at style sheets [..]
> Nandita-->The "Welcome to Kepler 1.0"requires CSS for sure....I don't
Matthew Brooke
10:44 PM Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
Christopher:Thanks for updating the WelcomWindow and putting it in ptolemy tree.
I updated intro.htm to make it look ...
Nandita Mangal
08:44 PM Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
I moved the WelcomeWindow code out of exp and back to ptolemy.
WelcomeWindow now uses
Christopher Brooks


02:40 PM Bug #2392 (Resolved): MENUS: Top-Level Menu - need centralized way to remove menubar
Some dialogs need to be shown without menubars (eg Welcome Window, Query Builder
dialog). We therefore need centrali...
Matthew Brooke
01:26 PM Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
Okay we are getting there but some other changes need to be made to get the
dialog to look like what is spec'd on th...
Laura Downey
08:09 PM Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
Hi Laura,
The welcomeScreen should be showing with new kepler updates now and menu bug
fixes.I had to put dialog chec...
Nandita Mangal


01:40 PM Bug #2143: fix functionality and GUI issues with query builder
Proposed minimal changes for Release 1.0 are:
-give the dialog a title - Query Builder
-remove menus (no menus in di...
Laura Downey
07:40 AM Bug #2383: mnemonics in menus not appearing
Very weird, never knew that but I checked per your comments and found my
properties set to "hide underlines until al...
Laura Downey
06:00 PM Bug #2383: mnemonics in menus not appearing
The mnemonics do show up if you press the Alt key - this is actually correct
Windows XP behavior, per user preference...
Matthew Brooke


01:29 PM Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
The welcomeScreen has been moved to the orginal HTML Tableau form (intro.html)
under configs (like orginal). However ...
Nandita Mangal
01:21 PM Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
Reopenign this bug for 2 reasons.
1) user guide and workflow cookbook links need to be removed since that
Laura Downey
09:59 AM Bug #2307: Mac OSX code missing for several JNI actors
An attempt at adding the native code for GARP for the Mac has been carried out.
Still trying to determine exactly wha...
Dan Higgins
09:55 AM Bug #2375: RExpression support for nil tokens
RExpression actor support for nils has been completed Dan Higgins


03:01 PM Bug #2391 (Resolved): Installer fixes for 1.0 release
Set the installer to use the javaw option to remove the command window (which is
confusing to new users).
Also f...
Dan Higgins
04:23 PM Bug #2390 (Resolved): Documentation problem with derived actors
There is a problem that comes up when trying to document certain actors that
extend other actor classes like Source,...
Dan Higgins


09:34 AM Bug #2382: Documentation kar does not appear in actor tree
Apparently this isn't fixed. this is what zhijie said:
This bug could also be observed on a Linux machine. When sea...
Chad Berkley
04:03 PM Bug #2382: Documentation kar does not appear in actor tree
this is now fixed. Chad Berkley
08:13 AM Bug #2014: Disallow editing of the schema for data
OK. I also clarified with Jing that several of the parameters in this dialog
need not be viewed by users, and so sho...
Matt Jones
07:52 AM Bug #2014: Disallow editing of the schema for data
When the schema is displayed in one of the configure dialogs (edit parameters)
for a data source, the "schemaDef:" f...
Laura Downey
07:06 AM Bug #2389 (Resolved): Actor seach problem
Try seaching actor tree for 'Doc' or 'DocViewer'. Tree just 'flashes' and
returns to a single top level node. Seache...
Dan Higgins
04:37 PM Bug #2344: Duplicate Actors that read directories
This bug has been fixed by removing the FileArrayPrinter from the Kepler actor
tree, although the base java code has ...
Dan Higgins
04:34 PM Bug #2388 (New): Incorporating the SRB actors with the gsi authentication framework
Ilkay Altintas
04:15 PM Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
This was fixed. Ilkay Altintas
04:12 PM Bug #2351: Welcome Window Programmer/Scientist docs
Nandita has implemented this. Ilkay Altintas
04:11 PM Bug #2232: Website updates
This is fixed. Ilkay Altintas
04:11 PM Bug #2231: Documentation system implementation
This bug is old now. Most of these things evolved and has been done in
different ways,so I'm closing it. Please assi...
Ilkay Altintas


03:45 PM Bug #2014: Disallow editing of the schema for data
laura, could you please clarify this?
Chad Berkley
03:41 PM Bug #1888: changes to data access system to incorporate geon data
fixed as far as matt knows. Chad Berkley
03:38 PM Bug #1888: changes to data access system to incorporate geon data
since efrat is on leave, i don't think this is going to make it in so i'm moving
it to post 1.0.0.
Chad Berkley
03:40 PM Bug #1890: Add query builder to generic db actor
since efrat is on leave, i'm moving this to post 1.0 Chad Berkley
03:37 PM Bug #2089: Problem with docs source code with Java 1.5
We are no longer using this code. It is obsolete. Instead we are using the
doclet that christopher is developing.
Chad Berkley
03:36 PM Bug #2281: Duplicated and incorrect search results in actor searching
the search is working correctly. The problem is the way the actors are
semantically tagged. If they are in a folder...
Chad Berkley
03:34 PM Bug #1895: remote actor repository
The repository is now working. we are working on creating a web service
(ecogrid) interface for registering lsids. ...
Chad Berkley
03:33 PM Bug #1340: define and implement kepler archive file format (kar)
This is now complete. Chad Berkley
10:22 AM Bug #2387 (Resolved): dragging actor folder to work area generates exception
Dragging one of the folders in the actors tree to the workarea generates an
exception that is confusing. (I thought ...
Dan Higgins


12:34 PM Bug #2386 (Resolved): Customize Documentation in Kepler removes all base documentation
Base documentation is provided by comments in java source code. In Kepler,
adding any 'Custom Documentation' removes...
Dan Higgins


02:27 PM Bug #2384 (Resolved): Documentation display problems in Kepler
In adding documentation to the RExpression actor, I discoved a problem with
the documentation display in Kepler (and...
Dan Higgins
08:27 AM Bug #2271: Changing the Color Scheme
Selection color of the actors should be orange as spec'd (255, 114, 19) not
the current bright yellow. The orange p...
Laura Downey
08:08 AM Bug #2383 (Resolved): mnemonics in menus not appearing
None of the menu mnemonics are appearing/visible in the UI even though they
are included in the property/config files.
Laura Downey


01:48 PM Bug #2382 (In Progress): Documentation kar does not appear in actor tree
We have a 'Documentation' kar defined, but the actor does not appear in the
actor tree.
(We probably also need to ...
Dan Higgins
11:45 AM Bug #2381 (Resolved): Problem with alpha9 MacOSX Installer build
The InstallAnywhere build for KeplerAlpha9 does not work properly. If one double
clicks the installed Kepler-alpha9 ...
Dan Higgins

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