From 12/11/2007 to 01/09/2008


03:43 PM Bug #2939: Add ability to access password protected EarthGrid data from within Kepler
Changes to the registry (proposed)
I've augmented the existing EcogridRegEntryType with two elements:
ben leinfelder
11:04 AM Bug #3056 (Resolved): unable to print output of Display actor
The Display actor receives summary output from an RExpression actor. The summary displays perfectly, but does not pr... Kevin Drury
09:24 PM Bug #3055 (Resolved): DarwinCoreDatasource actor does not work in wit output 'As Field'
The DarwinCoreDataSource actor can have its output set to 'As Field'. However, it then appears not to iterate through... Dan Higgins


12:41 PM Bug #3054 (Resolved): Importing a kar file claims actor is already cached
If you try to import a kar file containing a composite, sometimes an error is thrown that the actor already exists in... Chad Berkley
12:39 PM Bug #3053 (Resolved): Multiple Documentation windows not possible
Only a single documentation window can appear at a time and it remains the first one opened. Dan Higgins


10:34 AM Bug #2967: Add a 'View data' menu to data source actors
The work done on bug #2966 has bled into this entry. They should probably just be consolidated into one bug. I've a... ben leinfelder


12:12 PM Bug #2966: Add a 'Preview data' menu to data source actors
Added a recast() method to the PersistentTableModel implementation. This allows us to make an initial pass over the ... ben leinfelder
11:53 AM Bug #3052: Installer crashes with EXC_BAD_ACCESS
reportedly this occurred on OS X Tiger - 10.4.11
A check using OS X 10.5.1 worked OK;
Default Java should be 1.5 (...
Dan Higgins
04:58 PM Bug #3052 (Resolved): Installer crashes with EXC_BAD_ACCESS
Here's the start of the crash log:
Host Name: djbmac
Date/Time: 2008-01-04 13:20:10.617 +1300
OS Ver...
David Brooks


04:29 PM Bug #2966: Add a 'Preview data' menu to data source actors
Ported the PersistentTableModel from Morpho to make use of the [already] ported version of PersistentVector. This su... ben leinfelder


02:19 PM Bug #2833: 'Open' problem with new DarwinCoreDataSource actor
Uping the Severity because this bug causes a problem with DarwinCore actors newly dragged from the Data search panel.... Dan Higgins


11:20 AM Bug #2966: Add a 'Preview data' menu to data source actors
Did an initial pass at this for EML200DataSource actor. Uses a JTable (with simple sorting). Have not tried it with... ben leinfelder


11:20 AM Bug #2960: Change RExpression actor to use meaningful graphic file output names
By using getFullName() rather than getName() we can get the nested naming mentioned in the original comments for this... ben leinfelder
09:02 AM Bug #2961: Include option in EMLDatasource actor to use 'most recent' data
with the changes to how ecogrid can be searched using authentication credentials, i've also changed how the eml actor... ben leinfelder


03:29 PM Bug #3039 (Resolved): EML2 Datasource (from search) does not include Documentation
If you search Earthgrid (e.g. for 'Datos') and drag result to work area, the Documentation context menu will not show... Dan Higgins


03:12 PM Bug #3038 (New): Save in Library Dialog problem with default Category
When saving a customized actor (e.g. a custom RExpression actor) the default items that appear in the 'Selected Categ... Dan Higgins


02:48 PM Bug #3036 (Resolved): Need to be able to delete actors from the library
We can now add a customized or new actor to the user library, but there is no way to remove actors without deleting t... Dan Higgins
11:13 AM Bug #2830: Actor names to change/actors to remove from application
done. Chad Berkley


02:28 PM Bug #3029: NPE when trying to save semantic type
null was not checked on one of the port variables. this is now fixed. Chad Berkley


09:30 AM Bug #3030 (Resolved): Documentation says that kepler is version 1.0.0alpha8
If you go to the help/documentation menu and choose either "documentation for scientists" or "documentation for progr... Chad Berkley
09:23 AM Bug #3029 (Resolved): NPE when trying to save semantic type
When trying to save a semantic type on a composite actor, I get an NullPointerException. To reproduce this bug do th... Chad Berkley
04:24 PM Bug #1838: need user level documentation
Documentation is well underway. Reassigning to Kirsten ( Dan Higgins


03:52 PM Bug #3028 (New): Need for new IPCC/Hydro1K data (and metadata) on EarthGrid
Currently, Hydro1K and IPCC datasets are stored on the SRB and referenced by EarthGrid EML metadata on KNB. There hav... Dan Higgins
03:48 PM Bug #2378: WebService not Responding
The web service URL no longer appears
to be valid. If you are getting this e...
Daniel Crawl
01:38 PM Bug #2378: WebService not Responding
Is this fixed ? Dan Higgins
02:18 PM Bug #2889: fileName in not getting set
This bug was fixed 10.10.07, I forgot to mark it fixed. Derik Barseghian
02:11 PM Bug #2889: fileName in not getting set
check on details of this.
Will it change other applications?
Dan Higgins
02:17 PM Bug #3022: FSM State cannot be opened from context menu
related to bug #2509 Dan Higgins
02:10 PM Bug #2853: Documentation (where to save it; customization)
Need to update wiki and build file Dan Higgins
01:53 PM Bug #2920: Problem adding context menus in Kepler
Listen to Actor has been added to context menu. Dan Higgins
01:52 PM Bug #2989: Changes in actor ontology does not cause the actor library to rebuild
User changes in ontology not supported at this time Dan Higgins
01:51 PM Bug #2315: Unable to run multiple Kepler instances simultaneously
TO be handled as part of KeplerCore Dan Higgins
01:41 PM Bug #2712: Problem with EML2DataSource with extra cols in csv file
Need a parameter to turn 'ignoring extra data on and off' (rather than just having an error) Dan Higgins
01:37 PM Bug #2490: Get ecogrid endpoints from Ecogrid registry
Assuming this works, we should turn it 'on' for RC1 Dan Higgins
01:34 PM Bug #2438: Actors to be Renamed
Combined with Bug #2828
*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 2828 ***
Dan Higgins
01:34 PM Bug #2828: Actor names inconsistent
*** Bug 2438 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Dan Higgins
01:24 PM Bug #2316: Conflicting jars and classpath reduction
Closed and new bug (#3027) added for remaining issues Dan Higgins
01:24 PM Bug #3027 (Resolved): jar handling issues
We still need to treat all 'legacy' actor jars - i.e. figure out which jars go
with which actors and are any shared....
Dan Higgins
01:20 PM Bug #2369: Scrollbars Disappear After Using Fullscreen Mode--Now crashes
Problem not often encountered; delay fix Dan Higgins
01:19 PM Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
Remaining complaints are judged minor and will not be fixed in foreseable future Dan Higgins
01:10 PM Bug #2872: md5 checksums
add by hand for RC1; create a ant task to generate automatically for 1.0.0 Dan Higgins
01:06 PM Bug #2990: file|open dialog should open in workflows directory
I think we should try to get the initial file dialog to point to the 'demos' directory and then remember the last dir... Dan Higgins
12:40 PM Bug #2390: Documentation problem with derived actors
documentation is now always defined for ports in the moml whether it's a java port or not. Chad Berkley
11:44 AM Bug #2493: actor repository tracking bug
set the mime name on upload so that the filename will be correct on upload. Chad Berkley


03:32 PM Bug #3026 (Resolved): Actor documentation does not appear in older workflows
Attempting to get actor documentation does not work in several of the older workflows, especially some in the demos d... Dan Higgins


10:08 AM Bug #2840: Kepler beta3 will not run on Mac OSX10.3
This is a problem with the Beta3 installer and what is now an out-of-date Mac OSX version (now 2 version beyond OSX 1... Dan Higgins
10:04 AM Bug #2817: kepler-1.0.0beta3.exe not finding valid java install
This is a problem with the old version of InstallAnywhere used with the Beta3 installer. Since a new installer will b... Dan Higgins
10:00 AM Bug #2458: Search problems with multiple actor ontologies
'Kepler Actor Ontology' has been removed for some time; there is no apparent problem in searching for 'constant' in c... Dan Higgins
09:53 AM Bug #2396: TOOLTIPS: Sometimes line/relation tooltip appears when hovering over port
I think this bug refers to the exact placement of the cursor when hovering over a port. If very near the 'point', the... Dan Higgins
09:44 AM Bug #2374: SVG - Improve inital rendering times
Move to post 1.0 Dan Higgins

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