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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2171 Bug Resolved Immediate Add support for missingValueCode in EML parser Jing Tao 04/17/2006 10:54 AM
2240 Bug Resolved Immediate add support for null values to data passing among ports Christopher Brooks 04/13/2006 12:03 PM
2043 Bug Resolved Immediate create suite of common statistical actors using R Josh Madin 06/14/2006 10:50 AM
2231 Bug Resolved Normal Documentation system implementation Ilkay Altintas 03/22/2006 04:11 PM
2344 Bug Resolved Normal Duplicate Actors that read directories Dan Higgins 03/22/2006 04:37 PM
2357 Bug Resolved Normal EML2DataSource connection problem (asColumnBasedRecord) Jing Tao 03/01/2006 10:57 AM
2356 Bug Resolved Normal EML2 DataSource doesn't handle column vectors Jing Tao 03/01/2006 10:50 AM
2373 Bug Resolved Normal EMLDataSource metadata menu no longer available Chad Berkley 02/28/2006 02:20 PM
2143 Bug Resolved Immediate fix functionality and GUI issues with query builder Jing Tao 06/14/2006 10:52 AM
2413 Bug Resolved Normal ICONS: Monitor Value icon should show value Matthew Brooke 04/20/2006 02:36 PM
1872 Bug Resolved Normal kepler possibly not picking up changes as entered Chad Berkley 01/24/2006 11:11 AM
2328 Bug Resolved Normal Memory use problems with multiple EML Datasources Kevin Ruland 01/27/2006 11:07 AM
2365 Bug Resolved Normal MENUS: Context Menus - grab right-click for graph links Matthew Brooke 03/01/2006 02:07 PM
2333 Bug Resolved Immediate MENUS: Top-Level Menu - relocate code further up class hierarchy Matthew Brooke 03/02/2006 08:35 PM
2242 Bug Resolved Immediate move metacat ecogrid service to new host Jing Tao 04/17/2006 10:55 AM
2347 Bug Resolved Normal Need to be able to terminate workflow 'animation/feedback' Chad Berkley 02/02/2006 01:07 PM
2352 Bug Resolved Normal Preferences System needs to be resolved Christopher Brooks 04/13/2006 12:06 PM
2089 Bug Resolved Normal Problem with docs source code with Java 1.5 Ilkay Altintas 03/22/2006 03:37 PM
2034 Bug Resolved Normal provide visual indication of default button/choice on windows/dialogs Matthew Brooke 04/13/2006 03:58 PM
1895 Bug Resolved Immediate remote actor repository Chad Berkley 04/26/2006 01:44 PM
2375 Bug Resolved Normal RExpression support for nil tokens Dan Higgins 03/27/2006 09:55 AM
2286 Bug Resolved Immediate SVG - reduce svg file size Matthew Brooke 02/17/2006 06:33 PM
2355 Bug Resolved Normal TOOLBAR: icon states don't display correctly for first four toolbar buttons Matthew Brooke 04/11/2006 02:43 PM
1844 Bug Resolved Normal tool tip problems Matthew Brooke 04/06/2006 05:52 PM
2035 Bug Resolved Normal use checkboxes and radio buttons correctly Laura Downey 04/13/2006 03:56 PM
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