From 11/03/2004 to 12/02/2004


04:39 PM Bug #1569: Local save doesnt work sometimes.
I had a problem saving a data package locally that I had opened from the network.
When I opened a data package fro...
Veronique Connolly
04:01 PM Bug #1800 (Resolved): Can't see data of data tables created by importing Excel file
In Morpho, it is not possible to display the data contained in a data table that
was created by importing an Excel f...
Veronique Connolly
03:44 PM Bug #1799 (Resolved): Losing data tables when using “Export”
I exported a data package (dp) and when I checked the “data” subdirectory
generated from the export, not all the fil...
Veronique Connolly
10:16 AM Bug #1796 (Resolved): Typographical errors in Morpho windows
Here are some typographical errors in different Morpho windows:
New Data Package Wizard/Step 1/"Note:" (at bottom ...
Veronique Connolly
09:59 AM Bug #1772: User guide needs to be updated
Here are additional corrections to the User Guide:
Creating a New Data Package/Owner Details paragraph (just above "...
Veronique Connolly


04:47 PM Bug #1793 (Resolved): Can't open metadata file generated from "Export"
Exporting a data package results in the creation of a directory which contains 3
subdirectories (data, export, metad...
Veronique Connolly
11:56 AM Bug #1792 (New): Can't print Intro to Metadata document
When you open the Intro to Metadata document under the Help menu, the Print
option under the File menu is not availa...
Veronique Connolly
10:11 AM Bug #1582: No Error Msg displayed when network update of datapackage failed due to access control
After getting a dp from the network, editing it and saving it locally, you can
successfully save it back to the netwo...
Veronique Connolly


04:56 PM Bug #1791 (In Progress): need ability to add data types other than dataTable (spatial)
Currently, only dataTable data types can be properly added to a data package,
using the Data Table Wizard (other da...
Andrea Andrea


04:53 PM Bug #1786 (Resolved): Need ability to download data files through morpho
One drawback in using Morpho to look at a dp versus the web is that when you
add an excel file of data to a data pa...
Andrea Andrea
04:41 PM Bug #1785 (Resolved): Clarification needed about usernames, passwords, and profiles
There is a need for some sort of explanation when you are creating a profile in
Morpho of the relationship between ...
Andrea Andrea
04:27 PM Bug #1784 (New): Place some information from user guide on Morpho download web page
Veronique noted that some of the information in the Morpho user guide should be
placed on the webpage where you dow...
Andrea Andrea
04:25 PM Bug #1783 (New): Challenge of documenting dynamic data sets
There is currently no solution in place to address the challenge of documenting
data sets which may change over tim...
Andrea Andrea
04:22 PM Bug #1782 (Resolved): Seperate access rules for data and metadata portions of dps
A data package can have 2 parts – the metadata, and the data. Right now, you
cannot set separate access permissions...
Andrea Andrea
11:32 AM Bug #1772: User guide needs to be updated
*** Bug 1780 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Andrea Andrea
11:32 AM Bug #1780: Inconsistencies between User guide and Morpho for Data Table Panel
This is a duplicate of Bug 1772
*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 1772 ***
Andrea Andrea
10:52 AM Bug #1780 (Resolved): Inconsistencies between User guide and Morpho for Data Table Panel
There are no UPDATE and CANCEL radio buttons on the Data Table panel like the
ones referred to in the User guide.
Veronique Connolly
11:05 AM Bug #1781 (Resolved): Can�t delete a Data Table that has column headers, but no data
In the Data table panel, you can’t delete a data table that has column headers,
but doesn't contain data (it has emp...
Veronique Connolly
10:49 AM Bug #1779 (New): Changing “Look and Feel” in Morpho preferences doesn’t change appearance of menus
When you go to “Set Preferences…” under the File menu, and change the “Look and
Feel” and click “Set”, the appearanc...
Veronique Connolly
09:46 AM Bug #1775: Some saved searches do not work a second (or more) time
The saved searches work unless you close Morpho. When you close it and re-open
it, the only data packages that will ...
Veronique Connolly


05:05 PM Bug #1778 (New): Network icons missing after synchronizing
When you place a dp on the network using the "synchronize" command, it reaches
the network, but the network icon is...
Andrea Andrea
05:01 PM Bug #1777 (Resolved): Selecting columns is very slow
It takes an excruciatingly long time to select a column in a data table. On
Andrea's computer and on Veronique's co...
Andrea Andrea
04:56 PM Bug #1776 (Resolved): Catalog search followed by "open existing dp" does not return all dps
If you do a search on the catalog (network), then close the search box, and
then click "open an existing data packa...
Andrea Andrea
04:50 PM Bug #1496: "window" menu on main morpho screen does not list all open windows
The user guide window also does not show up in the window list, by the way
(version 1.5.1).
Andrea Andrea
04:47 PM Bug #1426: closing unsaved package does not close package
It appears this big still exists - the same behavior originally described is
still happening.
Andrea Andrea
04:45 PM Bug #1775 (Resolved): Some saved searches do not work a second (or more) time
It seems that some saved searches work (meaning when you click on the saved
search, it performs the search again an...
Andrea Andrea
04:41 PM Bug #1774 (Resolved): How to delete saved searches and old profiles should be explicit
Veronique noted that it would be helpful to the user if it were clear how to
delete an old profile, and also how to...
Andrea Andrea
04:37 PM Bug #1773 (Resolved): Importing code table results in display of ID numbers, not code values
When coded values are defined by importing a seperate table of code values and
definitions (in the DPW), the attrib...
Andrea Andrea
04:30 PM Bug #1772 (Resolved): User guide needs to be updated
While preparing for the release of Morpho 1.5.1, the user guide had to be
finished (by Andrea) about a week before ...
Andrea Andrea
04:26 PM Bug #1771 (Resolved): Deleting row of taxonomic info in DPW prevents selection of other rows,
In the top portion of the taxonomic coverage screen in the DPW, if you add a
few rows of information, and then dele...
Andrea Andrea
02:40 PM Bug #1770: Using Revert Tab in Data Table panel
This bug involves data loss and will be at the top of the priority list to fix
for the next release. Thanks for repo...
Matt Jones
01:19 PM Bug #1770 (Resolved): Using Revert Tab in Data Table panel
I was working in the Data Table panel of a Data Package, I deleted a Selected
Column, and then I did Revert Tab, but...
Veronique Connolly
10:16 AM Bug #1769 (Resolved): access permissions re-set to yes for public read
The access permissions re-set to yes for the question "Would you like to allow
the public to read your dataset?" in ...
Veronique Connolly

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