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4695 Bug Resolved CSS doesn't work on mac installer version Actions
4692 Bug Resolved Morpho cannot open EML docs with <?xml-stylesheet> directive Actions
4687 Bug Resolved Morpho logs password in plaintext Actions
4678 Bug Resolved Modify the documentation for 1.8 release Actions
4677 Bug Resolved Windows 7 installer/testing Actions
4661 Bug Resolved table 'worksheet' display not updated after table deleted Actions
4657 Bug Resolved morpho creates <keyword> elements out of keywordType attribute content Actions
4646 Bug Resolved when upgrading from 2.0.1, morpho did not catch empty <offline> element Actions
4623 Bug Resolved docid conflict box needs a button or something Actions
4622 Bug Resolved local copies of zip "data tables" corrupt Actions
4543 Bug Resolved export to FGDC BDP format Actions
4537 Bug Resolved MS accesss file importing leads an invalid eml-2.1.0 document Actions
4459 Bug Resolved Need a minimum display of access order in Access page Actions
4426 Bug Resolved export fails to create html with attribute information Actions
4422 Bug Resolved morpho installer freezes when it creates short cut on windows 64-bit machine Actions
4417 Bug Resolved 1.7.0 - Dialogue Boxes Cause Underlying Window to Freeze Actions
4263 Bug Resolved Saving to both location failed when a online package was imported a new data table Actions
4253 Bug Resolved ids for role confict when the person was imported from another package Actions
4106 Bug Resolved Add Cancel button to dialog for closing unsaved package Actions
4100 Bug Resolved Uninstaller has issue on Vista Actions
3946 Bug Resolved feature request: a wizard to add content to distribution/online/url Actions
3918 Bug Resolved on macintosh, non-admin users cannot write the file accesslist.xml Actions
3675 Bug Resolved Change morpho code repository from CVS to SVN Actions
3550 Bug Resolved no way to enter a missingValueCode Actions
3482 Bug Resolved Morpho options hang up on Ubunto 8.04 platform Actions
3314 Bug Resolved Morpho abstract search comes up with 0 Actions
3243 Bug Resolved initial profile creation does not list all organizations from LDAP Actions
3136 Bug Resolved Windows Vista has problems installing Morpho Actions
2988 Bug Resolved Custom unit does not allways create the needed <additionalMetadata> tags Actions
2957 Bug Resolved Other entity does not display other entity Description Actions
2508 Bug Resolved Incorrect example for relative attribute given in table wizard Actions
2443 Bug Resolved Dialog box needed to warn when deleting data table Actions
2379 Bug Resolved Table metadata lost when trying to import codes from second file Actions
2308 Bug Resolved No metadata shown if schemaLocation attribute set improperly Actions
2284 Bug Resolved Data tables not uploaded to network Actions
2280 Bug Resolved methodStep creation error Actions
2206 Bug Resolved Tree editor does not properly process additionalMetadata items when "trimming" Actions
2193 Bug Resolved Morpho incorrectly tries to insert rather than update when trying to save revised data packages on the network Actions
1847 Bug Resolved import EML documents into Morpho Actions
1831 Bug Resolved "other" organization field does not work Actions
1777 Bug Resolved Selecting columns is very slow Actions
1771 Bug Resolved Deleting row of taxonomic info in DPW prevents selection of other rows, Actions
1211 Bug Resolved add serialization to steps in DataPackage Wizard Actions
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